Switch Sample Packs



Switch Sample Packs

Have you been wanting to try out some new switches? Switch Sample Packs are now available for our light linear, heavy linear, and tactile switch offerings. Each pack will come with one of each switch listed in the table below. The light linear pack contains switches ranging from 37g-62g. The heavy linear pack contains switches ranging from 63g-78g. The tactile switch pack contains switches ranging from 42g-68g.

Customer Reviews

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Came in clutch for selecting my next switches

Wanted to try a few switches for my next build, and came across this set. I got the heavy linear set and the tactile set (even though im linear gang) to try out, and this is an economical way to try out different switches rather than buying 50 at a time from other places. I decided to go with the Neapolitan switches for my next build!

There needs to be more of these

With how many switches there are out there and not enough videos covering all of them. There needs to be more of these switch packs, they're amazing when you're trying to figure out what you want to build.

It’s what it says

You wanna test switches? Get this

Great pack

The switches on the site can get expensive. A pack like these allows me to even consider purchasing cannonkeys switches, and I definitely am now! I love the anubis

Great test switch packs!

I bought the light linear and the tactile switch packs and I'm really happy I did. I got to test two groups of switches that I'm interested in. After lubing and testing them on keyboards, I have my favorite test switches on my keyboards, almost like a fidget toy. I'm considering buying some of my favorites now, which include the JWICK Black and Neapolitan. Highly recommend for those who don't know what they like yet.