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Brutalist Series

Our in-house designed Brutalist Series combines the aesthetic of Brutalist Architecture with the proven Burger Mount to achieve a classic sound and feel. Beautifully anodized, in-stock, and available in several form factors!

Bakeneko by CannonKeys

Our Bakeneko Series features both 60% and 65% variations, both using the highly regarded Gummy O-Ring Gasket mount. The keyboards are offered in several colors and come with a hard carrying case, PCB, stabilizers, and more!

Starting at only $129.99

Entry Level Kits

Our Practice and Stacked series offer both incredible value and a great building experience for beginners. If you are wanting to dip your toes into the hobby or are looking for a fun project, give them a look!

Practice Series starting at only $47.99
Stacked Series starting at only $69.99


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