Brutal V2 65% Keyboard


Designed by ai03

Brutal V2 65% Keyboard

A premium custom keyboard experience, available in-stock.

Redesigned by ai03, Brutal V2 introduces a new design and cutting edge performance.

Brutal V2 65% is designed to provide a super comfortable and customizable experience.

Refined acoustics are achieved through a unique single-sided gasket mounting system, secured with a proven top-mount construction.

A straightforward build process with intuitive construction and automatic plate alignment, the Brutal V2 series ensures that your build comes out top-notch, regardless of experience.

Explore and pair different plates, gaskets, case foam, plate foam, PCB foam and weight combinations to configure your perfect build.


Mounting style: Single-sided gasket mount

Case features: Internal screws, internal weights

Case material: High-grade aluminum, CNC

Case finish/color: Anodized case, two-tone color with silver bottom

Weight material: Zinc, cast

Low front profile: 17mm (0.67in) height

Dimensions: 323 x 113 x 30mm (12.7 x 4.5 x 1.2in)

Unbuilt Weight: Aprx 1.05kg

Typing angle: 6.5°

USB: Type-C, via Unified Daughterboard

PCBs: Solder and hotswap options available

Plates: Standard aluminum plate, additional plate material options available

Brutal V2 65% Keyboard Kit Contents:

Brutal V2 65% Keyboard Kit Contents:

Keyboard case: Brutal V2 65% in alumimum (CNC), two internal zinc weights (cast)
Keyboard color: Two-tone with silver bottom
Plate: Aluminum
PCB: Brutal V2 65% hotswap PCB or Solder PCB, Unified Daughterboard and JST cable included
• Plate foam: 1 Poron sheet (3mm thickness)
• Case foam: 2 Poron sheets (1.5mm thickness)
• Custom carrying case: CannonKeys carrying case with custom cut hard foam.
• Hardware: 2 Torx keys, bumpons (replacements can be purchased here).

What you need to complete your build

If you are using the Hotswap PCB

• 67-68 Switches
• 3x2u + 1x6.25u stabilizers
Compatible Keycaps

If you are using the Solder PCB

• 66-69 Switches depending on layout
• 3x2u + 1x7u or 1x6.25u stabilizers
Compatible Keycaps

Brutal V2 65% Sound Test


Customize Your Build!

Layout Support

Hotswap PCB Support

Plate Support

Solder PCB Support

Photos Disclaimer

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Quality Disclaimer

The is a board aimed to stay within a budget, and maintain affordability. It's fully aluminum and anodized beautifully, but to achieve this price point, the quality bar is lower than some of our more "premium line" boards, such as the Satisfaction75 and Chimera65. Customers have been happy with the quality of the Brutal-line boards, but we like to communicate this prior to purchase.

In general, large defects to visible faces will make a board B stock. But minor issues, small issues that are only visible in just the right angle of lighting, or small dents or blemishes on the bottom of the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built and on the desk will not cause a B stock evaluation.

Keyboard cases that ship with keyboards are meant to protect keyboards during shipping. These keyboard cases are made to order to fit the keyboard precisely, and are limited in quantity. As such, we do not replace keyboard cases if the keyboard case arrives damaged. Ideally, no keyboard carrying case arrives damaged, but at times, couriers are rough with packages and damages can occur. In these instances, we offer customers a $5 coupon off their next order as compensation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ryan Holmes
Excellent keyboard

After feeling dissatisfied with a buggy Ducky One 3 and quickly underwhelmed with a KBD67 Lite, a Bakeneko60 sold me on what customs could really be. I wanted more, and the Brutal v2 65% was that keyboard. I soon pre-ordered, and it's still my baseline keyboard. This is one you will come back to and find just as pleasant as you remember. The thick bottom gaskets make the it feel very comfortable while the top makes it crisp. The two-tone looks adds discrete flashiness. The polished, raw zinc weights look legitimately cool against the silver and seem to soften the sound, while not diminishing it too much. It feels refined and carefully tuned.

Sorry, it's not a review, it's a question,

What is the pcb thickness

The thickness on this PCB is 1.6mm :)

Michael Brunner
Great 65% keyboard!

I opted for an FR4 plate and Neapolitan tactile switches for my board. Build process was well documented and easy to complete. Construction is rock solid and the machined aluminum chassis exhibits no "anvil ping" between the top and bottom of the case; included Poron foam also helps in muting the case. For a softer more bouncy feel, only tighten the top chassis bolts enough that you just start feeling resistance. My only gripe is the positioning of the bottom rubber feet is such that when pressing hard on the top row of keys the board tends to roll forward; not as big an issue if you are a softer typist. Otherwise, it's a very high quality board that I feel anyone can be happy with given the variety of build options available.

Kenneth Ton
Great board!

The execution of the board is nearly perfect. The one-sided gasket mount provides a sound comparable to top mount but has the sort of muted aspect of traditional gasket mount. A comment I would leave abouy the mounting style is that, even without case foam, the board features little to no bounce despite the thick (poron) gaskets used. I've found that decreasing the number of gaskets used will result in a more noticeable bounce. Yet another overall great keyboard by aio3.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful review; we really appreciate it! For the lack of bounce issue you're facing, we recommend that the full assembly not be tightened too much and it should add more bounce. Thanks again!


Good budget