CannonKeys is a small e-commerce business in the custom mechanical keyboard hobby headquartered in Rhode Island, founded in 2019.

We’re keyboard enthusiasts

From top to bottom, everyone at CannonKeys has gone down the custom mechanical keyboard rabbit hole - and we all think we’re better for it! We love building keyboards - whether hotswap or soldered, and are happy to share this hobby with others!

We’re global

Our fulfillment facility and headquarters is in Rhode Island, but we have a global team. As our company has grown, we’ve added help from a lot of different places. We now have a mix of in-person and remote employees across the US and even other countries, spanning 5 different time zones.

We’re not afraid of challenges

Taking on challenges is in our DNA - and we believe that these challenges help us grow and make us stronger. We want everyone at CannonKeys to learn something new every day, and  grow in their careers. 


Our Goals

We aim to make custom mechanical keyboards more accessible

We started CannonKeys in 2019 as a way to make custom mechanical keyboards more accessible. There are so many expensive options available, and it’s tough to know what you want to build as your “endgame” keyboard. We started to try to fill that gap - beginning by selling our Practice kits, to make different layouts as cheap as possible to try, while also preparing people for their eventual “endgame” build.

As CannonKeys expanded, we’ve continued to improve the accessibility of the custom keyboard hobby. Not everyone can or is willing to spend hundreds of dollars and wait months for a product to be manufactured and shipped - as is the case with many custom keyboards. We’ve aimed to offer in-stock products to beginners and long-time keyboard enthusiasts alike. And we’re just getting started!

We aim to offer a variety of interesting custom keyboards and keycaps

Part of our love of keyboards comes from all the  different and interesting keyboards that exist. And so many designers have unique ideas for keycaps. We aim to use CannonKeys to give these keyboards and keycaps a platform! Some of these designs are our own, but we love partnering with community designers to help get their ideas in front of more people.

We aim to do this all while giving customers a great experience

Without our customers, we know we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals. And we want to make sure that we’re doing all we can when it comes to keeping our customers happy. We’re always looking for ways we can improve our customer experience, whether you’re just entering the hobby, or you’re a seasoned vet. We know we’re not perfect, but we honestly want every customer to be happy with their experiences with CannonKeys.