Brutalist Series

Designed by CannonKeys. Made for beginners and experts. In stock and ready to ship.

now available in stock and ready to ship

Brutal V2

Introducing the Brutal V2 series, designed by ai03. Purposeful design in an inspiring package. Feature-filled and value packed. Sleekly wrapped around a new single sided gasket mount system.


In stock and ready to ship!

Brutalist Series V1

Brutalist V1 features bold lines with a classic typing feel and sound, all in a value-driven package. Available in-stock, ready to ship.

Offered in a dizzying number of form factors. Ruggedly handsome lines play well in all settings.

Launched in 2019, the Brutalist series features bold aesthetics in a proven burger-mount package.

Whether novice or professional, every keyboard build starts with picking the right keyboard kit. 

The Brutalist Series features many form factors and even more colors, allowing for true customization for any aesthetic!