Haimu Heartbeat Silent Linear Switch

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Haimu Heartbeat Silent Linear Switch

The Heartbeat Silent Linear Switch comes from Haimu, who have steadily established themselves as a popular manufacturer among switch enthusiasts! This switch features full nylon housing and is paired with a POM stem. An ideal switch for anyone looking for a smooth and silent experience!

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Haimu
• Top Housing Material - Nylon PA66
• Bottom Housing Material - Nylon PA66
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 65g
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Fowler

Haimu Heartbeat Silent Linear Switch

Haimu switches

I've got two packs of Haimu switches (tactile and linear) and they both woth it.
Lubing is kinda average 3/5, not very consistent. They are not super smooth, hovever for me this is a good combination of scratchiness and lubing.
Tactile Haimus sounds a bit quiter that regular lubed linear switcher. And linear Haimus are really quiet. At the same time they are are not as mushy as silent switches with rubber dampeners.
For me this is a perfect "office" switch.

Paul Vela
Amazing Silent Switches

Even though they are silent switches they still have some feedback and a bit of sound that makes them very satisfying to use and they look very nice too, lovely color.

Kirk McGowan
Office Use

Perfect, practically silent with no loss of feel.

Samuel Kim
Give Haimu a try

These switches are pretty incredible and innovative. The sound is very quiet, but retains the good feeling of typing. The factory lubing is alright for the most part, but there might be a few that you will want to re-lube by hand. If you are on the edge about buying silent switches, I would say go for it; you will certainly not regret it!