Premium Mechanical Keyboards and Parts for Beginners and Enthusiasts

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Buying a keyboard can be confusing at first, but this page will explain what is needed to complete a build!

Most of our keyboard kits will require an additional purchase of Stabilizers, Switches, and Keycaps for a complete build, however each keyboard page will have details on exactly what you will need.

Beginner Series

Starting at only $47.99, we have keyboard kits aimed to teach beginners how to solder, and grow their knowledge for keyboards and beyond.

Bakeneko Series

Starting at only $129.99, the Bakeneko Series brings premium sound and feel to a much lower price point. Available in a compact 60% layout and versatile 65% layout.

Brutalist Series V1

Our in house designed CNC aluminum keyboard series inspired by brutalist architecture. A classic sound profile and mount, available in several form factors and colors.

Brutalist Series V2

Our revision of the original series that started it all. Featuring a brand new mounting system, internal weights, and a refreshed take on the brutalist aesthetic.


Stabilizers are used to keep longer keycaps stable when in use. We recommend Cherry Clip-In Stabilizers for most builds, and include them in our Bakeneko Series.


There are three main types of switches- and we have all of them! Linears offer a smooth typing experience, Tactiles have a bump when being pressed down, and Clickies will make a click noise when actuated.


With over 40 unique keycap designs, we have something for everyone! While the vast majority of our keycaps work with all of our keyboards, you can ensure compatibility by using our collection filters.

The CannonKeys Experience

We take pride in being able to offer a custom keyboard building experience in several different budgets, and want to make sure they you are taken care of every step of the way.

If you run into issues or have any questions about our products, we have a fantastic support team that is only a message away through the widget at the bottom right of your browser window. We also have an extensive documentation site with build guides and troubleshooting steps to help guide you on the building process.