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Following the success of the Brutal60, the Savage65 shares the same Boston City Hall inspired design language, in a 65% form factor.

The keyboard features the following:

  • Aluminum top and bottom
  • White FR4 plates in both 7U and 625U configurations 
    • Each keyboard comes with 2 plates, so you can pick your preferred configuration
  • Burger mount (Top mount w/ O rings) - o-rings included!
  • 7.5 degree angle
  • 20 mm front height (Same as Tofu)
  • 34 mm back height
  • USB-C port
  • Weighs 1.13 kg (2.5 lbs) without plate/PCB/switches
  • Test build was 3.125 lbs
  • CannonKeys designed Savage65 PCB (VIA support coming soon, non-hotswap)
  • Bumpons included
  • Polyfill will be included to achieve the intended sound
  • Supports TADA68 and KBD67 PCBs

Note: B-stock units can have imperfections ranging from anodization blemishes in visible places, to dents in corners. All B stock cases are fully functional.


Standard Plate:

7U Plate:

PCB Support: