DevastatingTKL Keyboard (Aluminum)

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The DevastatingTKL CNC keyboard in our Brutalist Series of in stock keyboards. The solderable PCB included is QMK/VIA supported and USB-C, and the mounting style is a slightly modified top mount called Burger Mount. Burger Mount takes the evenness from top mount and uses o-rings on the mounting screws to make the typing experience slightly less harsh.

Just add keycaps, stabilizers, and switches for a complete build!

Brutalist Series

Featuring Burger/Top-Mount internals, the Brutalist Series continues to offer a classic sound profile and feel.

Ever since its launch in 2019, this proven design has helped many take their first step along their custom keyboard journey.

Truly Custom

Whether novice or deep-in-the-hobby, our Brutalist Series offers a fun building experience with a fantastic end result.

Available in several form factors to fit any aesthetic and use case- Just add keycaps, stabilizers, and switches.


• CNC aluminum keyboard
• Top or burger mount
• Black FR4 universal layout plate
• DevastatingTKL solderable PCB
• CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
• Polyfill for sound tuning
• 7.5° typing angle
• 20mm front height
• Aprx 1.6kg without plate/PCB/switches

What's Included

• DevastatingTKL WK or WKL aluminum keyboard
• Black FR4 plate in universal layout
• DevastatingTKL solderable PCB
• CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
• CannonKeys white microfiber cloth
• Hardware
• Bumpons
• Polyfill

What you need

• 87-91 Switches depending on layout
• 4x2u + 1x7u or 1x6.25u stabilizers
• Compatible Keycaps

Customize your build

Layout Support

PCB Support

Plate Support

Quality Disclaimer

The is a board aimed to stay within a budget, and maintain affordability. It's fully aluminum and anodized beautifully, but to achieve this price point, the quality bar is lower than some of our more "premium line" boards, such as the Satisfaction75 and Chimera65. Customers have been happy with the quality of the Brutal-line boards, but we like to communicate this prior to purchase.

In general, large defects to visible faces will make a board B stock. But minor issues, small issues that are only visible in just the right angle of lighting, or small dents or blemishes on the bottom of the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built and on the desk will not cause a B stock evaluation.

Keyboard cases that ship with keyboards are meant to protect keyboards during shipping. These keyboard cases are made to order to fit the keyboard precisely, and are limited in quantity. As such, we do not replace keyboard cases if the keyboard case arrives damaged. Ideally, no keyboard carrying case arrives damaged, but at times, couriers are rough with packages and damages can occur. In these instances, we offer customers a $5 coupon off their next order as compensation.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Customer Reviews

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How to contact with guy how below me.
Adam, please if you coincidentally read this massage, tell us about your keycaps. These keycaps are similar to ISO or Charry but the surface is flat.

Solid choice

Amazingly solid keyboard that I love typing on.

Pros -
- Built like a tank
- Made me a fan of top mount keyboards
- Fun build experience that got me over my hesitation to use a solder only board
- Sounds great after force break mod

Cons -
- Not a fan of the huge hole around the USB port
- Slight case ping that required a force break mod

Looking forward to see how things improve when they hopefully release a V2.

Johnathan Brooks
Very pretty

I was never a fan of tkls but this switched me over its pretty heavy the plate looks good and i love the layout compatibility

We're glad that you decided to take the chance on the DevastatingTKL! We love its heft as well ~

Great keyboard!

I got this keyboard only because there was a sale on it and it is truly worth it if you want a a TKL keyboard. It has some heft in it once fully built and overall looks very nice.

My only concern about this keyboard is that it uses very tiny hex **** on the back and I could not, for the love of my life, take off the last corner **** as the super thin hex screwdriver feels like it’s gunna break or it hurts when twisting with my fingers. I had to carefully maneuver it as I laid it face down to put the PCB in. If it wasn’t for that I’d easily give this keyboard a 5 star!

Overall, I am very satisfied with this keyboard and the rose gold color is very pretty with the minty keycaps. This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Greg Banek
Good value option

Wasn't able to find any anodizing issues with my Lilac edition. Top and bottom matching was well done. Typing experience is a little bit of a stiffer experience so if that is up your alley definitely check this out. My only complaint would be the cutout for the USB port is not the best, kind of just a big hole in the back. Would have been nice if some more detail went into that aspect. Build experience was very straight forward and believe a beginner would have no problem building in this board. All in all, happy with the purchase and I think you will be too!