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The Brutal60 CNC aluminum keyboard in our Brutalist Series of in stock keyboards. The compatible PCBs available are QMK/VIA supported and USB-C, and the mounting style is a slightly modified top mount called Burger Mount. Burger Mount takes the evenness from top mount and uses o-rings on the mounting screws to make the typing experience slightly less harsh.

Just add keycaps, stabilizers, a PCB, and switches for a complete build!

Brutalist Series

Featuring Burger/Top-Mount internals, the Brutalist Series continues to offer a classic sound profile and feel.

Ever since its launch in 2019, this proven design has helped many take their first step along their custom keyboard journey.

Truly Custom

Whether novice or deep-in-the-hobby, our Brutalist Series offers a fun building experience with a fantastic end result.

Available in several form factors to fit any aesthetic and use case- Just add keycaps, stabilizers, and switches.


• 60% burger mounted Keyboard
• FR4 plate (WKL/HHKB get Tsangan plate, WK gets Standard)
• 7.5° typing angle
• CNC aluminum case
• 20mm front height
• Aprx. 1kg without plate/PCB/switches

What's Included

• Brutal60 aluminum keyboard
• FR4 plate in ANSI layout
• CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
• CannonKeys white microfiber cloth
• Hardware
• Bumpons
• Polyfill

What you need to complete your build

Unlike most of our Brutalist V1 Series, the Brutal60 does not come with a PCB. We do this to allow you to choose your own due to the large amount of 60% PCBs available. We offer the hotswap Instant60 PCB and the solder AN-Cv2 PCB as options to complete your build. If opting for a hotswap PCB, please make sure the layout is compatible with the Brutal60 you purchase.

If you are purchasing the Hotswap Instant60 PCB
If you are purchasing the AN-Cv2 Solder PCB

Complete your build

Layout Support

Tsangan Plate Support

Standard Plate Support

Quality Disclaimer

The is a board aimed to stay within a budget, and maintain affordability. It's fully aluminum and anodized beautifully, but to achieve this price point, the quality bar is lower than some of our more "premium line" boards, such as the Satisfaction75 and Chimera65. Customers have been happy with the quality of the Brutal-line boards, but we like to communicate this prior to purchase.

In general, large defects to visible faces will make a board B stock. But minor issues, small issues that are only visible in just the right angle of lighting, or small dents or blemishes on the bottom of the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built and on the desk will not cause a B stock evaluation.

Keyboard cases that ship with keyboards are meant to protect keyboards during shipping. These keyboard cases are made to order to fit the keyboard precisely, and are limited in quantity. As such, we do not replace keyboard cases if the keyboard case arrives damaged. Ideally, no keyboard carrying case arrives damaged, but at times, couriers are rough with packages and damages can occur. In these instances, we offer customers a $5 coupon off their next order as compensation.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Skeleton Key
My First Build!

I purchased the Brutal60 black with the window key for my first ever build and I love it. The case is heavy and sturdy so it helps keep it on the desk and to help it from moving around. I love the CNC work and design being minimalistic and having the cannon logo on the case. I purchased the A stock and saw no imperfections with the case. I highly recommend the Brutal60. Also I was impressed with the amount of goodies that came along with the case!

I love wkl

This keyboard met all my expectations, I got the navy WKL and it came perfectly fine. As far as I can tell the anodization is perfect and there are no scuffs on the inside or outside of the case. My only issue is that the only plate that is sold is fr4 which I don't really like the sound of. After force break the force break mod most of the hollow/pingy sound is gone and I would definitely recommend using the force break mod.

Very solid

This case is very solid and well-machined and the finish is amazing. I got the dark green and love how it turned out. I think there are better options such as the Bakeneko60 also sold by cannonkeys where the only thing going for the brutal60 is the CNC'd case which feels nicer and more polished then the cast Bakeneko cases (which are still very nice).

Solid HHKB

One of the only HHKB style 60s readily available on the market. The ano is nice and clean with no marks or scratches. The dark green is a really really cool and standout color. The build is very easy and simple too. My couple of concerns are the price, its a little overboard for how simple this build is, and the limited plate options, I personally would like to see a POM plate like was ran in the GB for the board. Overall, a simple keyboard that fits a niche build option. I'm satisfied with it.

Jared S.
Solid, but room for improvement

I like that there is a readily available option for the Tsangan layout you can select for this, and the machine work and finish of the board is admirable, but there are other factors with this board that I also wasn't crazy about. There is a lot of hollowness in the case for sure, but the mounting style also doesn't seem to effectively separate the plate from the top case. The gaskets that accompany the screws don't seem to do much, they can deform very easily as you tighten the screws down for the plate, and for most plate types I tried with this, the reverberations you get from the switches is just transmitted directly from the plate into the top case which makes this board very loud. I tried a few different mods, and foams, and fills to try to tame the sound but it never quite got where I was hoping it would. It also doesn't come with a lot of accessories and things that you might expect from some other boards in this price range, like a cable, or any foam layering beyond the polyfill, or PE sheet-- the 60 doesn't include the PCB in the cost either, which I understand is done for flexibility, but is still added cost for this board. It's a solid piece of equipment, but I keep thinking of the Bakeneko60. You'd get a better sound and arguably better feel from the Bakeneko, and at a better price, which is value proposition that's hard for this board to beat. I know there is now a Brutalist V2 series that seems to have some advancements and I hope that eventually a V2 of this keyboard can be released-- and if it does, I'd probably give it another go assuming it also has an HHKB layout. But right now, it's a hard sell.