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Designed by ai03, Vector is a retro modern PCB gasket 60% keyboard.

Drawing inspiration from distinctly vintage elements from keyboards past, Vector renews these details with modern functions and fresh stylings.

A Leap Across Time

Large seams. Tapered front ledges. Rounded edges. Large bezels. Built in pen rail. 

Vector revives these elements of early keyboards and reshapes them to fit the modern. 

Use the default pen rail matched to the case for an undeniably retro feel or swap it for an accent color to create an entirely new impression that pairs well with vibrant keysets.

Bold Brushstrokes

A deep uniform seam traversing all sides of the case, cohesively highlights the individual case parts, and draws attention to the substantial polished weight. The stainless steel weight is laser engraved with a design that further expresses the retro modern design language of Vector.

With large, blocky faces that wrap around the keyboard’s form create a sense of roundness and overall sharpness, Vector blurs the lines between retro and current.

What's Included

• Top and Bottom Case
• Aluminum Pen Rail
• Weight: Standard Edition gets sandblasted steel, Special Edition gets polished PVD Brass Weight
• PCB: Solderable PCB
• Custom Molded Feet
• FR4 Half Plate to optionally change the sound of your mods and spacebar
• Screw Hardware and Hex Keys to use on the Screw Hardware
• CannonKeys Microfiber Cloth
• CannonKeys Carrying Case
• 4"x6" Authenticity Card

Timeless Internals

Vector’s vintage homage carries over to its internals, featuring a plateless PCB-mount structure from early keyboards.

With full gasket isolation from the case and internal case screws, Vector brings the raw vintage form to refined and modern custom keyboard standards.

Addons and Extras

Extra pen rails, PCBs, Plates, and Feet are all available as extras!

Red-Gold PVD

Silver PVD


FR4 Plate

FR4 Half Plate

Measurements and Specs

• Case: 6063 aluminum anodized, top and bottom
• Weight: Varies depending on version (see above)
• Pen Rail Accent Piece: Aluminum
• PCB: Solderable (non-hotswap), no flex slot
• Daughterboard: Custom DB with JST Cable
• Plate: Optional FR4 half plate included (but not recommended)
• 4”x6” Authenticity Card
• Feet: Custom Silicone Feet (bumpon compatible)
• Case weight: 2.4kg unbuilt, 2.8kg built
• Case colors: Black, Silver, Red, and Blue-Grey

Two Versions

The bottom weight will have two options in the group buy: Standard Edition and Special Edition. The standard edition will come with a sandblasted steel weight, while the special edition will feature a polished PVD brass weight.

Standard Edition

• Sandblasted steel weight
• Overlay laser engraving pattern work
• Relatively unlimited (High unit cap)
• $750

Special Edition

• Polished PVD brass weight in Silver or Red Gold
• Overlay laser engraving pattern work
• Limited (20 unit cap)
• $850

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Render & Photo Disclaimer

Colors in the final product may vary since renders are done under idealistic artificial lighting.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Quality Disclaimer

A Stock units should not have any external scratches or egregious marks seen when built. Any internal flaws and marks (including hook marks) that are not seen when built do not constitute a B Stock unit. Micro scratches seen under very specific lighting and angles on PVD finish also do not constitute a B Stock unit. Screw holes are not fully anodized or coated, and small marks near the hole opening might be present.