[GB] Andromeda Keyboard by ai03 (Reference)


This is a reference page for the Andromeda keyboard. The keyboard will go live at our custom checkout site here at 11 AM Eastern on 10/24/2020

The Andromeda Keyboard

For those who demand the best of the best, Andromeda offers a carefully sculpted design coupled with proven gasket internals for extreme levels of typing comfort and stunning visuals.

Designed as a cost-no-object keyboard, Andromeda’s sculpted side profiles have been modelled to provide a satin fabric-like elegance, which combined with the soft curvatures used throughout the board give a delicate feel which lead the eyes throughout the design.

Strong straight horizontals strike a heavy contrast to the softer elements to offer the bold, rigid impression to accompany the elegance. The careful balance of both constructs an elegant yet minimal, graceful yet powerful aesthetic fit for any environment.
The design knowledge acquired through many of ai03’s designs in the past have been put forth to full effect with Andromeda, taking elements such as the rear-angled weight and gasket mounting of Polaris and refining them to their ultimate levels.
The small details make the biggest differences, and no detail has been left unchecked with Andromeda.

Interior screws provides a beautiful screwless exterior that does not interfere with the overall form, and a USB daughterboard separate from the main PCB allows for replacing the USB connector in case it wears out.


  • Aluminum Case
  • Stainless Steel PVD Finished Weight
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Plate
  • Solderable (non hotswap) PCB with STM32 ARM microcontroller; USB-C via unified daughterboard for readily available replacements if required
  • Case Mass: ~3.2kg (Case, weight, plate)
  • Typing Angle: 8 degrees


  • Grey and Silver PVD Stainless Steel Weight
  • Silver and Grey PVD Stainless Steel Weight


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