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Ellipse Designed by Skepur

Designer funderburker brings you Ellipse, a sleek and unique take on the 60% form factor! The Ellipse features an elliptical curve on the front and back of the keyboard that changes it up from the standard rectangle, and allows the choice of three different mounting styles when building for true customizability.

PCB Layout Support

Solder PCB Layout

Hotswap PCB Layout

Colors and Layouts

The following colors will be available in WKL and WK: Brown, Ice Blue, Pure Red, Dark Green.

Addons Available

• Solder PCB
• Hotswap PCB
• DB & JST Cable Kit
• Foam Dampening Kit - PCB Foam (PE), Plate Foam (PORON), Switch Foam (PORON)
• Custom Feet - Silicone
• Gaskets - PORON
• Large Gummy O-Ring - Silicone, Durometer (Hardness, 50A)
• Burger O-Rings - Silicone (20 O-Rings)

What's Included

• Ellipse Keyboard Case
• Brass accent piece
• Gaskets
• O-Ring
• Hardware
• CannonKeys Hard Foam Carrying Case
• Black Aluminum Plate

From the Designer


"Having been in the hobby for a while (since late 2015), I’ve seen plenty of 60% designs, trends and feature sets.
This made me hesitant to do a standard layout design as I didn’t know what to add to the table without my design looking… like a nice rectangle.

Ellipse is my take on the always popular and in-demand 60% keyboard layout. It also marks a new chapter in my journey in keyboard design. I thought hard about making this standard layout a bit more… different while still keeping it sleek, modern and customizable."

Three Mounting Styles

Isolation Gasket
O-Ring Gasket
Top/Burger Mount


• Layout - 60% (WK / WKL)
• 6° typing angle
• Three mounting styles - Top/Burger mount, O-Ring gasket mount, or Isolation Gasket mount
• Materials - Aluminum top and bottom with brass accent piece
• Compatible with Bakeneko60-like PCBs, open-source plate file availability for all layout options

Tim KeyLess

Ellipse Prototype Mega Sound Test


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