Cherry MX Black Hyperglide Linear Switch



Cherry MX Black Hyperglide Linear Switch

Now even more durable with less wobble. Hyperglide is a technical solution created by Cherry, that doubles the number of actuations to 100 million. A smooth and balanced option equally suited for work or gaming.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Cherry
• Top Housing Material - Nylon Cherry
• Bottom Housing Material - Nylon Cherry
• Stem Material - Proprietary thermoplastic
• Spring Weight - 60g
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kasey S.
Great budget switch

Cherry mix blacks are great budget switches. They sound a little bit scratchy when they first come in, but breaking them in and lubing them a bit really improves the sound! I got the blacks because I was going for a more thocky sound and they do not disappoint! I definitely prefer these cherry blacks to the cherry red, brown, or blue. Will be buying more in the future.

A classic

Cherry blacks are a classic switch and although they do they a while to break in, they feel and sound amazing after that. I am happy with my mx blacks after using them for a while, and hope to use them on a moment if I can snag one. 9/10 switch.

cherry good cherry very good

MX Blacks are still one of the best sounding switches on the market. Cherry obviously is not known for innovating on their current line of switches, but their full nylon housings just sound better than the vast majority of recent switches. They obviously need work if you want them to be JWK smooth, and their springs are doodoo, but nothing beats them imo.

Really good sound profile

The reliable mx blacks, this new version needs some lube as all switches, but got that really deep sound profile!

Evan Butz
Scratchiness went away after a while

When i first used them they were a bit scratchy, but after about a week or two of use it went away almost completely. Either that or i just got used to it. After lubing they were pretty nice. Springs were a bit weird and uncomfortable but a simple spring swap did the trick as i expected with a cherry spring.