Gateron X Linear Switch


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Gateron X Linear Switch

The Gateron X is a new switch featuring a new bottom housing mold with an X engraving on the bottom. Polished interiors allow for reduced surface roughness while maintaining stem tolerances. For this second run, Gateron X comes in the classic nylon-blend milky top, and nylon beige bottom. The beige POM stems are from the Gateron Pro line-up, and were also polished prior to this production run. The bottom housing for this round is color matched to GMK U9, and the stem is matched to GMK L9.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Gateron
• Top Housing Material - Nylon-blend milky
• Bottom Housing Material - Nylon
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 50g actuation, 65g bottom out
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - No

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Customer Reviews

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Alexander Trostle
Gat x

Very smooth

Great switch!

I picked these up at my friend's recommendation for a switch that would feel great without any modification as I didn't have the means to modify my switches at the time; I put them into a hotswappable board and was extremely pleased with how they felt! True to my friend's recommendation, they felt very smooth with very little noticeable scratch even without lube. I'll eventually lube them by hand, but they felt great out the box!

You won’t be disappointed

These switches are so good even I’m stock form. You cannot go wrong with some Gat X’s

My favorite gateron!

One of the smoothest switches I have used. Using them stock is perfectly reasonable though the stock spring is pingy. I am using them with gpl105 on the stem with tx films. I don't recommend 205 as in my testing even a light coating slows it down a bit. Oil based lube is more than enough as it preserves the sound of the milky top the most and adds a bit of smoothness to the already very smooth switch. They sound exactly like good milky top gaterons with no scratch sound at all. Amazing! YouTube video placeholder

Thanks for the great sound test! We love Gateron X switches as well!

Nice smooth switches

Lubed with 205g0, springs bag lubed with 105, Deskeys filmed.

Great sound and feel of Gateron switches you know and love, but with less scratch.