CK x Haimu Pastel Lemon Linear Switch



CK x Haimu Pastel Lemon Linear Switch

The Lemon Linear is part of our new Pastel Series with Haimu!

Featuring a POM top, UPE stem, and POM + UPE bottom, the sound signature of this switch is semi-deep-and-muted. Also utilized is a 22mm 63.5g single-stage spring. If you’re looking for a slightly altered version of a full POM switch, these are worth checking out!

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Haimu
• Top Housing Material - POM
• Bottom Housing Material - POM + UPE
• Stem Material - UPE
• Spring Weight - 63.5g single-stage 22mm spring
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

Mod Your Switches


Our CK Switch films come in both Poron and PC and help reduce wobble and slightly change the sound of your switch!


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Switch Pads

Available in Poron, EVA, and PE foam, these fit right ontop of your PCB to change the sound profile of your build!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lukuan Peng
Exactly as described

Deep, muted, long pole switches. Very smooth out of the box, I didn't do any modifications except swap the springs for 69g double stage springs. Out of all the switches in the cannonkeys switch sample packs, these sound the best on the stabilized keys. I have no idea why, but these switches eliminated any kind of ticking or rattling in my stabilizers. They work especially well with taller keycaps, cherry switches will tick with some taller keycaps. Great job by Haimu and Cannonkeys, I was not expecting these to be that good. Will include a soundtest of cherry vs. pastel lemons. YouTube video placeholder
John Cofer
Nice one CK!

These switches are excellent. I tossed them into a Bakeneko60. They're very smooth stock and have a nice full sound.