Dark Amber T1 Tactile Switch



Dark Amber T1 Tactile Switch

We're proud to offer a CannonKeys exclusive: the Durock T1 Dark Amber in full nylon!

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• Switch Type - Tactile
• Manufacturer - Durock
• Top Housing Material - Nylon
• Bottom Housing Material - Nylon
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 65g gold plated
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

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Our CK Switch films come in both Poron and PC and help reduce wobble and slightly change the sound of your switch!


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Switch Pads

Available in Poron, EVA, and PE foam, these fit right ontop of your PCB to change the sound profile of your build!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Tactile, low pitched, and amazing feel when lubed.

Great Switches

First tactile switches I’ve tried out and completely in love with them. Perfect for my keyboard, feel, and aesthetics

Brandon Lam
Fantastic Switch, Needs Some Modding

Love the switch, it's absolutely beautiful and the tactility is quite nice, plus the spring weight is very comfortable. Definitely needs some lube to take care of spring + leaf ping, I personally added films but I don't feel they're necessary. Overall, very good switch that needs a little bit of extra effort to make them fantastic.

Solid tactile with smaller stems

Overall great experience with these in terms of switch feel, backlight-LED compatibility, etc. However, after using them for a few months, I’ve noticed that the MX stems appear to be on the low end of the spec sizewise. They might still be in spec, as I don’t have a micrometer to verify, but I’ve seen multiple keycap sets fall off of the switches far too easily (JTK, CRP, & DCS as examples).

matthew schmidt
Disappointing and pingy

Alright tactiles, personally would prefer more of a bump but that's a preference thing, but there was a lot of leaf ping from them. I put them in an aluminum board at first and it sounded horrible, now they're in an acrylic case and sound better but still quite pingy. Factory lube was also super inconsistent that I am planning to remove all the lube from them and just baglube the springs and try to somehow fix the leaf ping. I was pretty disappointed by them as I was expecting a higher quality tactile. However, I did like the quieter sound profile they gave.