Gateron Pro Milky Brown 1.0 Tactile Switch


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Gateron Pro Milky Brown 1.0 Tactile Switch

The Gateron Pro Milky Brown 1.0 Switch is the tactile version its cousin -- the Milky Yellow 1.0 Linears! It carries the same improved features such as a newer mold and some light factory lube. This makes for an enjoyable tactile stock switch with reduced stem wobble and great sound profile!

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• Switch Type - Tactile
• Manufacturer - Gateron
• Top Housing Material - Proprietary milky
• Bottom Housing Material - Proprietary milky
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 50g actuation
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Light

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mid-travel, small and sharp tactility.

These are great. The tactile bump is truly in the middle of travel, compared to Cherry Browns' top quarter travel, and the bump has the same duration but is sharper, about twice that of Cherry Browns.

The housings are tight, no need for films, and all of my switches' stems only had lube on the side rails, none on the feet/legs nor the flat side facing the LED slot. This is probably why they still retain their volume, which is discussed later. The springs are great, they were on average around 15mm, but they were not consistent in their coil lengths. Stock, the springs made no noise as they were oiled.

There is a bit of a break in period for these switches, to spread the lube around, but the smoothness also improves with wear as some of the switches I received, about 7 or 8 out of 110, felt like they had grooves on the stem or on the bottom housing rails initially. But once I used them in a keyboard for a work day or 6 hours of document editing, those switches matched seamlessly with the rest of the batch.

The volume of these switches is objectively louder than my Cherry MX switches (spring-swapped Blacks and Browns). The top and bottom-out of the switches are louder, probably due to the lack of lube on those surfaces, there is less scratch, and the scissor-snip tactile sound is less prominent compared to Cherry Browns. If I were to put the volumes of each on a scale, I would put Cherry Browns as 6/10 and Gat Milky Brown Pros at 7.2/10. Loud for conventional pole length, but still not reaching long-pole length volume.

Overall, these are great if you like the Cherry Brown archetype and prefer less stem wobble, a true mid-travel tactile bump, and the sound of Gat milky housings. I honestly did not even lube over the factory lube as it was that consistent, I just rocked them with my preferred lubed spring.

Micah Schult
Decent stock, very inconsistent lube

I personally love gateron milky housings, and I am one of the few that seems to enjoy the very small tactility of gateron browns. These milky brown pros are good because they have enough factory lube to where I consider them usable stock. However, the factory lube is pretty inconsistent. These switches also fit very tightly into plates, which seems to be a trend with some more current gateron switches. Overall though, they feel and sound pretty good stock. I love them, especially given how cheap they are.