Cherry Blossom Linear Switch



Cherry Blossom Linear Switch

The Cherry Blossom Linear Switch is a full POM linear switch manufactured by Durock. The housing is paired with a P3 stem and 65g spring weight for a smooth experience.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Durock
• Top Housing Material - POM
• Bottom Housing Material - POM
• Stem Material: P3 (Aprx 3.9mm travel vs normal 4mm)
• Spring Weight - 65g
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
very smooth very good sounding switch

One of the smoothest stock linears I have ever tried. Pom housing with p3 stem is really a winning combo for both sound and feel. The stem is also slighly long pole so you do get that nice long pole bottom out sound and feel. YouTube video placeholder
Better factory lube then most switches that provide it

wouldn't say it's on par with Oil Kings, but its closely comparable

where as North Poles were slightly overlubed from factory, these do have a solid amount that reduces the scratchiness to almost zero. If you're looking for a switch to keep stock, Id definitely recommend this over other all POM housings like NK Creams or Cobalt POMs

the mold is rather smooth so even without the lube I wouldn't think the break-in period is long or even necessary

Amazing at first until issues occurred.

They were very smooth and sounded really nice at first, however, after a couple of weeks of usage, leaf ping became very apparent and my switches began to sound very rattly. Even after filming them, lubing the leaf, and trying every possible thing to solve this problem, it still persisted. I found several others online with similar issues. Would be a great switch if they didn't have these issues, it's quite unfortunate.

Sorry to hear the issues you're experiencing with these switches over time! We definitely appreciate the feedback.