Cherry Blossom Linear Switch



Cherry Blossom Linear Switch

The Cherry Blossom Linear Switch is a full POM linear switch manufactured by Durock. The housing is paired with a P3 stem and 65g spring weight for a smooth experience.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Durock
• Top Housing Material - POM
• Bottom Housing Material - POM
• Stem Material: P3 (Aprx 3.9mm travel vs normal 4mm)
• Spring Weight - 65g
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - No

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Switch Pads

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Customer Reviews

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Feels good. I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in terms of modding switches so there's no ping issue Kappa.

Dat Bui

Cherry Blossom Linear Switch

Cory Couts
The best switches I’ve ever used

I’ve built 3 keyboards over the past 2 years [thanks Covid!] and so far, these are the best switches I’ve ever used. I tend to like the sound of muted, deep, and THOCCY boards, and these switches fit the bill. These switches are used with Durok v2 stabs, DZ60 pcb, a walnut box case I found on Amazon, a PC plate, and nice PBT Keycaps. I put these in without any foam, or anything in the case. All I did was holee mod the stabs, and these switches were perfect. I didn’t even lube them! Compared to Gateron Milky yellows, and CannonKey Lavenders, these have an all around smoother typing feel, and have an amazing bottom out sound. I plan on building my girlfriend a keyboard for her birthday, and after her trying out all my boards, these were her favorite. ****, even my mom said these feel the best out of all the switches I have. If I could marry a switch, these would be it. I don’t have any negative things to say about these switches. Do yourself a favour and buy them.

very smooth very good sounding switch

One of the smoothest stock linears I have ever tried. Pom housing with p3 stem is really a winning combo for both sound and feel. The stem is also slighly long pole so you do get that nice long pole bottom out sound and feel. YouTube video placeholder

The smoothest switch I've ever had. Smoother than gateron smoothies. These are so smooth it feels clinical. They sound great as well. They aren't light but aren't heavy. They are right in the sweet spot.

Giving a 4/5 not because I don't absolutely love them, but because the build quality is hit or miss. Some switches arrived with pretty bent pins. Some arrived with slightly bent pins and bending them further was much easier than other switches. And finally, one switch out of the batch needed the leafs adjusted to work at all.

I would buy them again for sure. But to anyone else looking to order them, order more than you need- it's worth it for the insane feel these provide.