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CannonKeys is proud to offer Switch Sample Packs!

Have you been wanting to try out some new switches? Switch Sample Packs are now available for our light linear, heavy linear, and tactile switch offerings. Each pack will come with one of each switch listed in the table below. The light linear pack contains switches ranging from 37g-62g and the heavy linear pack contains switches ranging from 63.5g-78g.

Light Linears (10) Heavy Linears (11)
Tactiles (11)
TTC Gold Pink
Gateron Full Nylon Yellow
Cherry MX Red  Cherry Blossom  Dark Amber T1
Coral Silent Linear  Taro Ball
JWICK Black Gateron X  Anubis by Mechs on Deck
Gateron CJ 
Lavender  Gateron Brown
Cherry MX Black JWICK Yellow  TTC Bluish White
Lilac  Mauve Cherry MX Clear
Gateron Milky Yellow  Wuque Studio Original Aspiration (OA) 
Coffee Chip Ice Cream
SP-Star Sacramento  Gateron Black Ink  Neapolitan Ice Cream
Korbs by Tiny Gateron Black Blue Macaw Silent
Seal by Minterly Cerulean by Durock