Accessories Starter Kit & Build-Your-Own Bundles

Keyboard Accessories

Whether you want to build your own kit or grab a beginner bundle- CannonKeys has got you covered! We have several accessories to help you with with everything from keyboard assembly to switch modding.

Accessory Details

MX and Kailh Switch Openers

You will receive a random color opener. Colors available are Black, Grey, Silver, Red, and Yellow.

Compatible with MX and Kailh (latch) switches.

Switch and Keycap Puller

You will receive a random color -in-1 keycap and switch puller. Colors available are White, Red, Yellow, and Black. This puller will help remove switches from plates and pull keycaps off switches.

Stem Holder

This plunger activated device is fantastic for holding stems while lubing.


Standard tweezer- great for testing sockets on a keyboard and for picking up small parts.

Holee Mod Strips

Small strips used for holee modding stabilizers. This mod can reduce ticking and rattle over time on your stabilizers.

Magnetic cable

Note: These cables are not USB-C compliant, and while we have tested them use at your own risk. If your keyboard has high power draw some issues may arise.

This cable has a single magnetic end that can detatch in your USB-C device. This allows for quick disconnects and low port wear.

1M long. USB-A to USB-C with detachable USB-C end.

Switch Containers

These plastic bins can hold switches, keycaps, or whatever you have laying around! They close via two latches, and are clear plastic.

  • The small container can hold around 110 switches
  • The large container can hold around 160 switches
7-in-1 Screwdriver

This screwdriver comes with 7 interchangeable bits.

  • Hex 1.3
  • Hex 1.5
  • Hex 2.0
  • Hex 2.5
  • Torx T6
  • Torx T10
  • Phillips 0
Stabilizer Tuning Deck

Our stabilizer tuning deck features hotswap sockets to make changing switches super easy! The thickness of this tester is 1.6mm, and it features several stabilizer lengths to test your build before it's installed on your board.

  • 7x 2u
  • 2x 3u
  • 1x 6u off-centered and centered
  • 1x 6.25u
  • 1x 7u
  • 205g0 - The most preferred switch lube in the hobby. Fantastic for most switches.
  • 206g2 - Thicker than 205g0, great for stabilizers.
  • GPL 105 Oil- Fantastic choice for those who only want a very light lube on their switches, or for springs.
  • 3204 - A great, slightly thinner alternative to 205g0 for switches. Used often for Topre modding and tactile switches.

Premium Accessory Offerings

In addition to these value bundles, we also offer some more premium accessories and a la carte accessories.