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TX Rev AP Clip-In Stabilizers

TX Stabilizers are premium PCB mount clip-in stabilizers that utilize a patented doubleshot stem. The stem contains a POM outside, and TPU + POM plastic on the inside. This combination of plastics on the inside help reduce wire rattle and unwanted stabilizer noises.

We are offering these stabs for 1.6mm and 1.2mm PCBs, and for both regular mx style switches and long pole switches. All versions are available in black and white.

NEW: Just added are 3x2U packs to complete those larger builds!

Additional Information

  • Designed by kin25
  • PCB Mount Clip-In
  • 'Stab Stoppers' to aid in stabilizer pop out
    • These can be inserted through the bottom of the PCB into the stabilizer.
  • Patented doubleshot stem to aid in rattle reduction


Pack Versions

  • 4+1+1, Available in White, Black, or Pink/White (Enough for most full builds if there is no numpad)
    • 10x Stabilizer Housings
    • 10x Stabilizer Stems
    • 4x2U Wires
    • 1x6.25U Wire
    • 1x7U Wire
    • Wheel of stab stoppers
  • 3x2U, Available in Black (Great addon for builds with a numpad)
    • 6x Stabilizer Housings
    • 6x Stabilizer Stems
    • 3x2U Wires

PCB Thickness/Switch Type

  • 1.6mm PCB
    • White, Black, and Pink/White
    • Regular and long pole
  • 1.2mm PCB
    • White, Black, and Pink/White
    • Regular and long pole

Note: The thickness for our Brutal V1, Brutal V2, Bakeneko60, and Bakeneko65 PCBs is 1.6mm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
these actually are almost perfect

and the best thing about it is the only part that is not perfect is the wires. don't freak out too much because they are almost perfect and it only took me just a little balancing on one side of each wire to get the perfect balance. other than that, all I did was a light coat of 205g0 on the wire from the tips down on around the bend where it clips intonthe housing and another light coat of 205g0 just on the stems and bam, perfect stabs. no ticking, no rattling, doesn't take much lube or time at all. I don't think I'll waste time with any other stabs ever tbh, I've only used tx for the passed almost 2 years and they just keep getting better and better every time. the only thing keeping me from a 5 star review is having to do a little bit of wire balance.

Gina Bogart
Awesome stabilizers!

Had some trouble with the last set of Durock V2 stabilizers that I bought so my friend ended up ordering me a set of these new TX stabilizers from Cannon Keys as a gift. These are hands down the best stabilizers I have ever tried! Even without lube there was little to no rattle. After lubing them with just a small amount of 205g0 these things were perfect! No tuning or balancing, no holee mod, just lube and done.

Best stabilizers money can buy!

Had trouble with my last pair of Durock V2 stabilizers so a friend of mine ordered me some of these from Cannon Keys. These things are incredible! Barely even made a sound without lube. After lubing them with a very small amount of 205g0 these things were literally perfect! I honestly can’t recommend them enough. TX will be the only stabilizers I buy from here on.

Ryan Holmes
Very impressed with TX-AP stabs

I've used TX Rev. 3 and Cherry clip-ins in the past, and have some of both in my drawer, but now want to stock up on the new AP version anyway after using them in my Ellipse.

I've was very happy with Rev. 3 but still wanted to use a good coating of dielectric on the wire and inject some in the housings to tune. They didn't take much and are still great stabilizers.

With these new APs, however, I only had to brush the housings with Krytox 205g0, with nothing on the wires, for 3 out of 4 stabilizers, and they were perfect. This include the 7u spacebar. Only one required a slightly thicker brushing of Krytox, with a small amount on the wire bends and ends. These are impressive!

Perfect stabs

These stabs are absolutely perfect no tick or rattle if you lightly lube them. Personally I lube a layer of 205g0 on the wires and then that's all you really have to do. I have had less success with this revision of tx stabs when using a thicker lube like dielectric grease. I would really recommend using 205g0 for these stabs, I know its expensive but you do not have to use that much. Attached it a sound test I made with these stabs and they sound absolutely perfect. (go to 1:10 for mod spamming)

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