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TX Rev AP Clip-In Stabilizers

TX Stabilizers are premium PCB mount clip-in stabilizers that utilize a patented doubleshot stem. The stem contains a POM outside, and TPU + POM plastic on the inside. This combination of plastics on the inside help reduce wire rattle and unwanted stabilizer noises.

We are offering these stabs for 1.6mm and 1.2mm PCBs, and for both regular mx style switches and long pole switches. All versions are available in black and white.

NEW: Just added are 3x2U packs to complete those larger builds!

Additional Information

  • Designed by kin25
  • PCB Mount Clip-In
  • 'Stab Stoppers' to aid in stabilizer pop out
    • These can be inserted through the bottom of the PCB into the stabilizer.
  • Patented doubleshot stem to aid in rattle reduction


Pack Versions

  • 4+1+1, Available in White, Black, or Pink/White (Enough for most full builds if there is no numpad)
    • 10x Stabilizer Housings
    • 10x Stabilizer Stems
    • 4x2U Wires
    • 1x6.25U Wire
    • 1x7U Wire
    • Wheel of stab stoppers
  • 3x2U, Available in Black (Great addon for builds with a numpad)
    • 6x Stabilizer Housings
    • 6x Stabilizer Stems
    • 3x2U Wires

PCB Thickness/Switch Type

  • 1.6mm PCB
    • White, Black, and Pink/White
    • Regular and long pole
  • 1.2mm PCB
    • White, Black, and Pink/White
    • Regular and long pole

Note: The thickness for our Brutal V1, Brutal V2, Bakeneko60, and Bakeneko65 PCBs is 1.6mm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Stabilizers, still clip-in

The TX stabilizers are absolutely fantastic. Let me start with that I never have liked clip-in stabilizers.

The improvement of the keyboard overall was amazing. The TX stabilizers helped mitigate a rattle that had been plaguing me (when using non-stabilized keys) for weeks. They are solid, responsive, and overall just better than most.

My biggest complaint is related to the PCB and that they are clip-ins. Some PCBs the clip-ins for the space bar just do not stay put while building up the board. I had the clip-ins fall out 4-5 times until I finally just stuck a spacebar on (usually I don't put the space bar on while building) to hold them in place. Once some additional switches were in place (this is a hotswap PCB), the stabilizer stayed in place just fine.

I wish there was a ****-in option. I prefer ****-in stabilizers. With that said, the TX stabilizers are amazing and have become my (very close) second choice stabilizer (especially the Long-Pole variant). If they were ****-in, they'd be my first choice by a large margin. I expect to be using TX stabilizers in a number of builds in the future even though I still with they were **** in.


The “Almost Perfect” stabs ticked like crazy even after a very thick coat of dielectric grease on the wire. I recommend getting some Cherry clip ins and clip the stems, they works a lot better.

We're sorry about the trouble you've been having with these stabilizers. We would highly recommend using a thinner coat of dielectric grease, as too much lube can impact the functionality and sound of the stabilizers.