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TX Rev AP Screw-In Stabilizers

We also have TX Clip-In Stabilizers available here.

TX Stabilizers are premium PCB mount Screw-in stabilizers that utilize a patented doubleshot stem. The stem contains a POM outside, and TPU + POM plastic on the inside. This combination of plastics on the inside help reduce wire rattle and unwanted stabilizer noises.

We are offering these stabs for 1.6mm and 1.2mm PCBs, and for both regular mx style switches and long pole switches.

NEW: Just added are 3x2U packs to complete those larger builds!

Additional Information

  • Designed by kin25
  • PCB Mount Screw-In
  • Patented doubleshot stem to aid in rattle reduction


Pack Versions

  • 4+1+1 (Enough for most full builds if there is no numpad)
    • 10x Stabilizer Housings
    • 10x Stabilizer Stems
    • 4x2U Wires
    • 1x6.25U Wire
    • 1x7U Wire
    • 10x Screws
  • 3x2U, Available in Black (Great addon for builds with a numpad)
    • 6x Stabilizer Housings
    • 6x Stabilizer Stems
    • 3x2U Wires
    • 6x Screws

    Note: The thickness for our Brutal V1, Brutal V2, Bakeneko60, and Bakeneko65 PCBs is 1.6mm.

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