Coiled Aviator Cables

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This is our initial run of coiled aviator cables. Please read below for our QC disclaimer on this batch of cables.


CannonKeys Coiled Aviator Cables

Upgrade your cable with our coiled aviator cables! These aesthetically pleasing cables feature coated aviator connectors and were designed to make swapping connections quick and easy. They are handmade with durability in mind, and are available in both classic and themed colors to match any keyboard and desk setup!

Available in Black, White, Noel, and Mizu.

Specs and QC Information

  • Material - Nylon, Double-Sleeved Paracord
  • Connection - USB-C to USB-A via 5-pin threaded GX-16 Aviator Connector
  • Compatibility - USB-C
  • Straight Cable Host End Length - 48.5"
  • Coiled Cable Resting Length - 60"
  • Coiled Cable Stretched Length - 66"
QC Disclaimer

We are offering this initial run of cables at a heavily discounted price due to minor defects found on them. For more information, please see our QC doc and blogpost.

Customer Reviews

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Xinhui Liao

Coiled Aviator Cables

Alexander Mac

Coiled Aviator Cables

Great Cable

High quality. Would definately recommend.

Valerie Tapia
Feels a bit cheap

Glad I got this on sale, it definitely wouldn't have been worth it to me at full price. The coiled part doesn't really stay coiled. I've had better quality from AliExpress. It's cute though and matches my desk set up.

Brandon Butler
Good on discount/bargain.

The cables are....okay. They're definitely a step up from the cables you'll get with your board/pcb (if you get one at all), and the texture and feel are on point, as well as the aviator connector/component. However, the cable itself is stiff, and the length from the usb-c in your keyboard to the coil is too long, to as where you can't really appreciate the coil anyway. The type A connectio that goes to your computer is also extremely bent/crinkly out of the box and needs a bit of time to smoothen out and relax, but in the meanwhile it'll pull your coil in strange angles, and is a bit short so might be a stretch for some systems or might not lay right.