CannonKeys Keyboard Carrying Case



Keep your keyboard safe with CannonKeys Keyboard Carrying Cases!

We're pleased to offer the keyboard cases many of our boards ship in as a standalone product!

Each carrying case features a hard nylon water-resistant outer and a EVA foam inner. The handle is made of dense plastic, there is a spot for a nametag, and the zipper features lilac CannonKeys zipper pulls. This new version also features a rubberized zipper pull on the internal pocket.

The interior EVA foam is cut in increments, so you can use the pieces to adapt your case to better fit your board. There are velcro straps to secure your keyboard into the foam case. And each case features a zipper pocket in the top part of the case.

Small cases fit most 60, 65, and 75% boards (and smaller). The keyboard cavity is 343mm x 145mm x 38mm and will fit any board under those dimensions.

Large cases fit most TKL and 1800 boards (and smaller). The keyboard cavity is 393mm x 145mm x 38mm for this size, and will fit any board under those dimensions.

Both sizes of foam cases come with 2x20mm, 2x15mm and 2x10mm foam spacers, so you can adjust the size of the cavity to best fit your keyboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
One of the best keyboard case out there

These are one of the best keyboard case in the market. The foams inside the case is extremely nice. It also includes a slot for a name tag like thing to label your board which helps you identify what board is inside the case without opening every single one of them.

Great Case For Your Keyboard

Needed a case for my KBDFans Maja V2, which is in the Arisu layout. It is a bit of an awkward layout to get a case for because although it is a 65% keyboard is much larger than a standard 65%.

Only gripe is the foam inserts due to Maja V2 not being a TKL or 1800, so there are some small gaps.

Decent Case

This case is really high quality, however I am not a fan of the foam inserts inside. You're supposed to remove some of the foam inserts to accommodate the size of the board, but it feels a bit cheap and awkward to do so. It would have been better if they were held with velcro or something. Instead it feels like you're supposed to throw away all the foam inserts you wouldn't be using because realistically they don't stick too well when you try to reuse them.