AEBoards Staebies



AEBoards Staebies v2.1. Improved second production run!

Designed by Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards, these stabilizers were created to address common frustrations for a better building and typing experience. This updated version of the Staebies has increased compatibility with keycaps due to the stem size being reduced by 0.1mm. Now available in two colors!

In version 2.1, the packaging has been adjusted slightly based on customer feedback.

Each pack includes:

  • (1) 6.25 wire
  • (1) 7u wire
  • (5) 2u wire
  • (12) Stems
  • (12) Housings
  • Rubber o-rings
  • Screws


  • Black
    • Stems are made of black POM material
    • Housings are made of black Nylon material
    • Wires, nuts, and screws are black chrome
  • Clear
    • Stems are made of white POM material
    • Housings are made of clear Polycarbonate material
    • Wires, nuts, and screws are black chrome

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Ryan Hryciuk
    End Game Stabs - Yes they are.

    I’ve tried a lot of Stabs. Everglides, Duroks V2, Glorious GTV2, and Keebfront Stabbers. And these take the cake. Sure the Stabbers are pretty great too, only other stabs that don’t need to be holy modded. But the tolerances on Staebies are just second to none. I when with the blacks so I don’t know how the PC clears perform, but the Nylons are awesome with zero ping with just a simple 205 lube. They feel super smooth and solid. Love them. I know TXs are also high on the list, but I prefer screws to the little plastic tabs. You will be super stoked with Staebies and now that you can get them state side they are much more affordable!

    Preston Nguyen

    Little work needed for tuning. Great stabilizers. There's a reason why these are one of the top stabilizers on the market.

    Matthew Wood
    Amazing Stabs

    Stabs are great, no hole mod needed, all you need is lube

    Very solid next generation stabs

    These stabs are great, I don't have to holee mod and I only need to lube and its ready. I would definitely recommend this over old iteration of stabs like the Durock or Zeal or Cherry.


    These are nice. Don’t use bdz on them though.