AEBoards Staebies



AEBoards Staebies v2.1. Improved second production run!

Designed by Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards, these stabilizers were created to address common frustrations for a better building and typing experience. This updated version of the Staebies has increased compatibility with keycaps due to the stem size being reduced by 0.1mm. Now available in two colors!

In version 2.1, the packaging has been adjusted slightly based on customer feedback.

Each pack includes:

  • (1) 6.25 wire
  • (1) 7u wire
  • (5) 2u wire
  • (12) Stems
  • (12) Housings
  • Rubber o-rings
  • Screws


  • Black
    • Stems are made of black POM material
    • Housings are made of black Nylon material
    • Wires, nuts, and screws are black chrome
  • Clear
    • Stems are made of white POM material
    • Housings are made of clear Polycarbonate material
    • Wires, nuts, and screws are black chrome

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Really good

    Out of the box they sounded good, but lube and a small piece of foam to tighten the hole just a little made it even better

    Fantastically easy

    This was for my first 'real' keyboard. I am far from an expert, but I was pretty annoyed with the stabs that came with my board. After a bit of research, I flipped a coin between these and TX stabs. I'm glad the coin landed on Staebies. They were incredibly easy to get tuned (insofar as I am capable of discerning the differences). All I did was added a bit of 205g0. I did end up with a slightly slow-to-rebound spacebar and ended up removing a tiny bit of lube. That helped, but it was still sluggish at first. Over the next few days, however, it worked itself out. I haven't touched it in a couple of months now and it has been absolutely great.

    Aaron Alvarez
    Almost perfect

    Amazing stabs, you just need to lube them to eliminate any little rattle

    Noah P.
    Absolutely fantastic

    Staebies v2.1 are hands-down the best stabs I've used so far, better than TX Stabs! Very easy to work with and the finished product is amazing. Wires were balanced out of the box. All I did was put on a light coat of Loctite dielectric grease and Krytox 205g0 and they turned out perfectly. Highly recommend!

    Oleksandr Dyachenko

    Stabs are very good, the TL53 springs are just wonderful.