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Spring Weight

CannonKeys Korean SS304 Springs

We are exceptionally excited to be offering high quality springs made from Korean SS304. Our springs come in premium packaging to keep them safe, and are dry lubed from the factory. Currently we only have the Super Long Double Stage version at 23mm in length stocked, however we have many more versions on the way!


  • Korean 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dry Lubed
  • Length | Name | Working length
    • 23mm | Super Long Double Stage | 6mm
    • 14mm | Short | 6mm
    • 15mm | Classic | 6mm
    • 18mm | Medium | 6mm
    • 21mm | Long | 6mm
    • 21mm | Long Triple Stage | 5.1mm
  • Outer Diameter of 4.05mm
    • Available Weights (Bottom Out)
      • 55g
      • 58g
      • 63.5g
      • 66g
      • 69g
    • Spring weight variance of ±2g (3%)
      • Packs of 110

      The CK Difference

      Our springs are made from high quality and dry lubed Korean SS304 to ensure the top performance right out of the box. We were able to keep costs down and quality up, and are confident these out perform our previous offerings while being at a lower price.

      At an outer diameter of 4.05mm, our springs are slightly wider than most stock springs to help prevent rattling against switch internals. Also, if the stock dry lube is not to your preference, the packaging can be used to oil lube by adding a couple drops and shaking lightly!

      Details Matter

      That's why we're aiming to get FD graphs of all our springs to showcase the performance comparatively and allow you to make the best decision for your preference.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Some of my favorites!

      After struggling to find springs that I like, I found that CannonKeys offers nice quality springs, in a nice package, with fast shipping!


      Excellent quality springs, would definitely recommend!

      Lukuan Peng
      Good springs

      Springs sound good, feel good. Packaging is nice as you can batch lube them in the packaging with Krytox 105g0. I highly recommend the double stage springs, greatly improves the top out sound of any switch. YouTube video placeholder
      Nice springs

      Pretty much the same as the slow springs cannonkeys have. They are slightly less pingy but they benefit from lube imo.

      Bree E
      Great product

      I really enjoyed these for the price. Popped them in some KTT Grapefruit and they were excellent