NicePBT Enchanted Forest


NicePBT Enchanted Forest

Designed by CannonKeys

This mystical set features green mods and enchanting purple and blue accents. Also included are several novelty keycaps for your Esc Key, F-Row, Enter Key, and more! The kit even includes split spacebars, a second 'B' for all the Alice-style keyboards, and 3-key-40's support!

Exceptional Value

Experience the CannonKeys advantage first-hand with our NicePBT and CannonCaps keysets. Featuring thick blanks, crisp dyesubbing, aesthetic variety, and reasonable prices that help complete and customize your keyboard builds.

Massively Compatible

Each of our NicePBT keycap sets is a singular kit, with compatibility for most popular keyboard layouts.


• Manufacturer - NicePBT
• Keycap Material - Dye-sublimated PBT keycaps
• Keycap Thickness - 1.7mm
• Keycap Profile - Cherry
• Novelties - Esc, ANSI Enter, Bottom Row (1.25u, 1.5u)
• Accent Keys - Esc, ANSI Enter, ISO Enter, R3 1.5u Enter, Numpad Enter, Arrow Keys
• Shifts Included - 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2x 2.25u, 2.75u
• Spacebars Included - 1.25u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u, 6.25u, 7u
• 40's Support - R2 1.75u Backspace, R3 1.25u Tab, R3 1.5u Enter
• ISO Support - Terminal ISO and UK ISO

Quality Disclaimer

These keycaps adhere to our quality disclaimer.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cory Couts
Very good for the price

Bought these Keycaps for a cottage build, paired them with a walnut case. Overall, these Caps are beautiful. The greens are a perfect olive colour, and the white is slightly creamy, which is perfect for my build. I just wish they were double shot, then they would be perfect IMO. however this is not a fault of the makers [obviously] but a matter of personal preference. Overall, I recommend these caps if you like the colour.

Great keycaps!

They look amazing and feel nice too. The pricing combined with compatibility makes it a good deal. I am very happy with my purchase.

Just what I wanted!!

My key caps just came in today and they’re just as whimsical as I was hoping they would be. Most green sets I’ve seen online just wouldn’t work with my setup, they’re either bright lime green or too blue. These are just perfect

Not into the green

The green came out much darker than the renders which you can see in the photos now. Not a pleasant color for me. The rest looks pretty good. Probably not a set I'll use.

We are sorry to hear you weren't happy with the green color of the keycaps. We use only real photos for our in stock keycap sets and we try our best to take photos in a variety of lighting conditions to give the best representation of what the keycaps look like on your desk.