NicePBT Dog



NicePBT Dog

Designed in-house, this set consists of Cherry Profile, Dye-sublimated PBT keycaps. Now with updated kitting.

Want it in stock? Check out the original version, only a very limited amount remain!

Dog lovers rejoice! This black on white keyset takes the classic colorway and adds a puppy themed spin. Several cute novelties are included in the kit to complete your dog themed setup. The base kit even includes split spacebars, a second 'B' for all the Alice-style keyboards, and robust 40's/ortho support!

Keycap Specs

• Manufacturer - NicePBT
• Keycap Material - Dyesub PBT
• Keycap Thickness - 1.7mm
• Keycap Profile - Cherry

Looking for more information on the dyesub keycap process? Click here!

Complete the Look

We have a deskmat in the same style as this keycap set - Cats and Dogs Border Deskmats!

The CK Advantage

With dozens of designs in stock, our lineup of keycaps is a fantastic place to get that final touch for your keyboard. Thick blanks, crisp dyesub, and massive compatibility. All in stock.

Quality Disclaimer

These keycaps adhere to our quality disclaimer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great Keycaps and delivers on time


So cute!!!!! And great quality :)


Super cute PBT set with a really nice-sounding spacebar!

Premium keycaps!

Among the keycap brands I've used, including PBTFans, NovelKeys PBT, Osume, GMK, KeebsForAll, and Mode..., NicePBT offers unbeatable value and quality.

To CannonKeys, please have a NicePBT Dog set in Warm White (WS1)!

Danniella Miller
Dog Lover

I am so in awe of these keycaps. I got them because honestly, I just thought they were cute. Not only are they incredibly adorable, they are amazing quality as well. These keycaps have made my typing experience so much better, and there's keys for nearly every keyboard layout imaginable. Awesome support for arisu/alice keyboards with split space bars and extra B included. There is more than double what is shown in my pictures, just what I have chosen to use.