CannonKeys Update - September 22, 2019

General Update - Apologies for the long delay between updates. I'm trying to develop a new update system that will be less cumbersome than these long list of bullets. Keep your eyes posted!

Another big announcement - I will be dropping PayPal as an option. PayPal is instituting their terrible refund policy again. Basically, they will keep transaction fees even if an order is refunded. This has forced my hand, and I will be turning off PayPal as a payment option in late September, prior to the Equinox group buy. If you still really need to use PayPal, Google Pay will be enabled on my site, and allows PayPal as a payment option. I strongly suggest wherever possible to use a rewards credit card, and get some of the money you spend back!

Keyboard Kits

  • Ortho48, Ortho60, and Practice65 kits are in stock!
  • Practice60 kits will be in restocked this week!
  • The Ortho75 is a 15x5 ortholinear kit, that fits into a 60% case.There is a special channel on the CannonKeys discord for this. It will be in stock this week, once documentation is complete. Sorry for the delay on this!
  • I'm (still) working on an app that should make flashing the Blue Pills easier.


  • The Instant60 PCB is in stock and shipping! The latest VIA release has support for it. A Mac OS X binary is coming soon. ANSI variants are out of stock, but will be restocked in October.
  • The B-Stock AN-C 60 PCB is also in stock and shipping! It supports only the 7U bottom row, and configurable in VIA Configurator. It also features RGB underglow. A-Stocks will be in stock in October.


  • GMK First Love is live! All kits will be produced!
  • GMK Voyage made MOQ and the order has been placed. All kits will be made
    • The first round of color samples arrived, they need a bit of modification
    • We are on track to ship in February 2020
  • GMK Missing Keys and GMK BoW/WoB Extension Kit both made MOQ and orders have been placed.
  • The group buy for GMK Peaches n Cream has and the order has been placed
    • The order has been placed with GMK
    • We are waiting for our 2nd round of color samples
    • Given GMK's timelines, the new ETA is January 2020
  • The order for GMK Wavez has been placed.
    • The final colors were determined in a 3rd round of color sampling.
    • The new ship date is December 2019. We chose not to rush into production in order to get the colors perfect.


  • The Satisfaction 75 group buy was a great success! Thank you all for the support. There are more details available on Geekhack.
    • The keyboard cases are still undergoing manufacturing. Everything else has arrived.
    • RAMA knobs will start shipping this week, to those who did not order a keyboard.
  • Chimera65 has been revealed! This project will run after Satisfaction 75. Check out details here: geekhack.
  • idb60 is almost ready to ship
    • Shipping should start next weekend
    • For updates on non-US orders, please read this.
  • CannonKeys will be running the Equinox keyboard, in collaboration with Ion Keyboard's Pwner and ai03. The group buy starts FCFS on September 28th, 2019 at 5 PM Eastern.
  • The Smith+Rune Iron165 will be running on CannonKeys as well. It will start on October 19th, 2019.


    • The order for the Voyage deskmats have been placed. They should ship in December.
    • The Peaches n Cream, Wavez, Great Wave, and Logo Pattern deskmats have been ordered. We should receive them and ship them out in late October.


      • Keyboard Sleeves will go live this week.
        • Keyboard sleeves will be available in two sizes, one for 60, 65, and 75% boards. The other for TKL and 1800 boards.
      • CannonKeys stickers have arrived!
      September 22, 2019 — Andrew Kannan