CannonKeys Update - October 13th, 2019

CannonKeys Update - October 13, 2019

    General Updates 

    • A new update system that will be less cumbersome than these long list of bullet is in progress! I'm making it myself so it's been kinda difficult, but hopefully will land soon.

    Keyboard Kits

    • All keyboard kits are in stock. Check them out here!
    • Ortho75 and Practice60 have both been restocked.
    • I'm (still) working on an app that should make flashing the Blue Pills easier.


    • The Tsangan variant of the Instant60 PCB is in stock and shipping! ANSI variants are currently out of stock, but will be restocked this week.
    • The B-Stock AN-C 60 PCB is in stock and shipping! It supports only the 7U bottom row, and configurable in VIA Configurator. It also features RGB underglow. A-Stock PCBs will be in stock this week. This also means that if you chose the "A stock replacement" option, they will be going out this week. 


    • GMK Cafe is off to a great start! We're not even half way through, and we already know that all kits will be made! The GB is open until November 1st.
    • GMK Delta and KAT Eternal will be running on CannonKeys in November!
    • GMK First Love made MOQ and all orders have been placed. We've received a first round of color samples, but were not perfect. The 2nd round of color samples has been ordered.
    • GMK Voyage made MOQ and the order has been placed. All kits will be made. Color sampling is finished.
      • We are on track to ship in February 2020
    • GMK Missing Keys and GMK BoW/WoB Extension Kit both made MOQ and orders have been placed.
    • The group buy for GMK Peaches n Cream has and the order has been placed
      • The order has been placed with GMK
      • We received a 2nd round of color samples and still were not happy. We're vetting our choices for a 3rd round.
      • Given GMK's timelines, the new ETA is January 2020, but given the trouble color sample, this may slip.
    • The order for GMK Wavez has been placed.
      • The final colors were determined in a 3rd round of color sampling.
      • The new ship date is December 2019. We chose not to rush into production in order to get the colors perfect.



    • RAMA knobs will start shipping this week, to those who did not order a keyboard. The initial plan was to ship earlier, but I've been waiting on some extra hardware.
    • Production cases have shipped and are on their way.
    • I have some unfortunate news. There was a slight issue with the PCBs. I'd rather ship a good product with a slight delay, than ship something subpar. The problem is being rectified, but the new shipping estimate is early-mid November.
    • We're doing the work now to ensure as soon as the problem is fixed, we can ship quickly when the new PCBs do arrive.


      • Chimera65 has been revealed! This project will run after Satisfaction 75. Check out details here: geekhack.
      • Given the delay to S75, you can expect a mid-late November Group buy opening for the Chimera65. At least 100 slots will be available.


      • Savage65, the next keyboard in the brutalist-inspired line seeded by the Brutal60, will be sold as an in-stock item, hopefully sometime in November.
      • The keyboard will come with a 2 FR4 plates, one 6.25U and one 7U, and a PCB.
      • There will be 4 colors available: Lilac (same as prototypes), Burgundy, Navy, and Black
      • Pricing to be released very soon

        Smith+Rune Iron165

        • The Smith+Rune Iron165 will be running on CannonKeys, starting at 9 AM EDT on October 19th, 2019.
        • This board had an extremely successful Founders Edition raffle! Don't miss out on this FCFS sale this coming Saturday!


        • We're pleased to be working with funderburker on the TMOv2! More details are available here on geekhack.
        • The group buy will run in November.


        • The Ai03 x ION Equinox group buy was extremely successful! We hit MOQ and will place the manufacturing order this week.
        • Our estimated ETA of Late Jan. 2020 is still accurate.


        • Designed by TopClack's Jae, the J-02 keyboard will be running on CannonKeys in February!
        • For more information, check out this thread on geekhack.


        • idb60 is 100% fulfilled for all US orders
        • For updates on non-US orders, please read this.


          • The order for the Voyage deskmats have been placed. They should ship in December.
          • The GMK First Love deskmats made MOQ and should ship in Q1 2020.
          • The Peaches n Cream, Wavez, Great Wave, and Logo Pattern deskmats have been ordered. We should receive them and ship them out in late October.


            • Keyboard Sleeves are now in stock!
              • CannonKeys stickers have arrived! Every order will come with a CannonKeys sticker.