Practice 65 Keyboard Kit

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The Practice65 is a keyboard kit that contains almost everything you need to build your own keyboard from scratch - just add switches, stabilizers, and keycaps, and you'll be good to go! It's meant to be a great starting point for anyone to learn to solder or put their first keyboard together.

The Practice65 supports RGB underglow, per-key LED backlighting with south facing LEDs, and is powered by an STM32 Blue Pill board running QMK. It is fully programmable with QMK, and can be flashed with dfu-util.

Each Practice65 has a USB mini port, so you don't have to worry about the USB port breaking, as you do in many Pro Micro based builds.While it's not meant to be compatible with any cases, we will soon offer some acrylic middle layers to go between the top and bottom.

Each kit comes with:

  • 1 Practice65 PCB
  • 1 Practice65 FR4 Plate
  • 1 Practice65 FR4 Bottom
  • 1 Blue Pill STM32 Board
  • 69 diodes
  • 69 resistors
  • 1 USB Mini Port
  • 1 MOSFET and Resistor for MOSFET
  • 1 reset switch
  • 24 M2 screws, 12 15mm M2 standoffs

Note: As of May 2020, this kit no longer includes the USBLC6-4SC6 ESD protection chip, as most customers did not use it. You can source it at DigiKey, Mouser, or any other local electronics suppliers.

You will need some tools to put the kit together. There is a full build guide available on our documentation site.