CannonKeys Update - August 10th, 2019

CannonKeys Update - August 10, 2019

General Update - I'm back and working through shipping the order backlog!

Keyboard Kits

  • Ortho48 and Practice60 kits are in stock!
  • Ortho60, Ortho48, and Practice65 kits will be in restocked this week!
  • The Ortho75 is a 15x5 ortholinear kit, that fits into a 60% case. The firmware is complete, and an order has been placed. There is a special channel on the CannonKeys discord for this. It will be in stock this week!
  • I'm (still) working on an app that should make flashing the Blue Pills easier.


  • The Instant60 PCB is in stock and shipping! The latest VIA release has support for it. A Mac OS X binary is coming soon. ANSI variants are out of stock, but will be restocked this week.
  • The AN-C 60 PCB is also in stock and shipping! It has support for these layouts, and will be configurable in VIA Configurator. It also features RGB underglow. 


  • GMK Voyage is now live! Join this set to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Voyager 2 launch! GB ends on September 1st.
  • GMK WoB/BoW Extension Kit is live! Join by August 31st!
  • GMK Missing Keys is live! Join by August 31st!
  • The group buy for GMK Peaches n Cream has ended. There were 478 total public orders. 
    • The order has been placed with GMK
    • Color samples are being worked on and should arrive this month
    • Given GMK's timelines, the new ETA is January 2020
  • The order for GMK Wavez has been placed.
    • A second round of samples has been received, but was still not perfect. 
    • We will not hit the estimated September ship date. We chose not to rush into production in order to get the colors perfect.


  • The Satisfaction 75 group buy was a great success! Thank you all for the support. There are more details available on Geekhack.
    • The keyboard cases and RAMA Knobs are still undergoing manufacturing.
    • OLED screen, CF plates, Encoders, FR4 plates, PCBs, and Default + Pearloid knobs have all arrived.
    • Keep your eyes open for the SatisKracken artisan knob release, details will be released this week.
    • There are still more custom knobs being developed. More information will be on the geekhack thread.
  • Brutal60 SE and R3 details have been released! Check them out here!
  • Chimera65 has been revealed! This project will run after Satisfaction 75. Check out details here: geekhack.
  • The order for idb60 has been placed with the manufacturer.
    • There was a small hiccup with the PCB production. We are still working through it.
    • Shipping is still expected in September, but the PCB issue could cause delays
  • CannonKeys will be running the Equinox keyboard, in collaboration with Ion Keyboard's Pwner and ai03


    • The Voyage deskmats are open for group buy! They will end on September 1st.
    • The first two CannonKeys designs are open for preorder! Check out The Great Wave mat and the Logo Pattern mat.
      • New sample photos will be posted soon
    • The Peaches N Cream deskmats group buy has ended
      •  Samples have been received, the quality is great
      • The order will be submitted this week
    • The GMK Wavez deskmat has officially ended, but is still available for preorder!


      • Milky Gateron YellowsGMK Screw In Stabilizers, and Keyboard Sleeves will go live this week.
        • Keyboard sleeves will be available in two sizes, one for 60, 65, and 75% boards. The other for TKL and 1800 boards.
      • CannonKeys stickers have arrived!