The Brutal60 is back again!


The Brutal 60 is back for another round! The Boston City Hall inspired 60% was quite popular and had pretty good reception, so we're doing another round!

This time things are a bit different.

These all still apply:

  • Aluminum top and bottom
  • Matte Black FR4 MX plate offered in ANSI Tsangan or Standard, with split Rshift, stepped caps, split backspace
  • Burger mount (Top mount w/ O rings)
  • 7.5 degree angle
  • 20 mm front height (Same as Tofu)
  • 34 mm back height
  • Polyfill will be provided to fill the space
  • Weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs) without plate/PCB/switches

But there have been a few changes:

  • Only 4 case screws, 10 was overkill
  • Alignment pegs have been added
  • New colors!

There is also a new Special Edition (Brutal SE) Available featuring the following features:

  • Brass weight
  • HHKB Top

Purchase Details

For this round, these will be sold as in-stock keyboards! This means as soon as you purchase, they will ship within 2-3 business days. No waiting necessary!

  • August 13th, 2019, Morning EDT - A Raffle via google form will open for 9 Brutal SE units and 1 special HHKB Brutal R3. The raffle will close at midnight. To enter, you must have an account on Winners will be invoiced on the 14th, and will have 12 hours to pay.
  • The following will be available at the following prices:
    • 1 Silver Brutal SE (w/ Brass Weight and HHKB Top) - $290
    • 4 Navy Brutal SE (w/ Brass Weight and HHKB Top) - $290
    • 5 Black Brutal SE (w/ Brass Weight and HHKB Top) - $290
    • 1 Navy Brutal R3 (w/ HHKB Top, no Brass Weight) - $215
  • August 16th, 2019, 5PM EDT - A FCFS buy will open for Brutal R3 on CannonKeys. There are 23 Navy Units and 25 Black Units available. All have normal tops. You'll have your choice of ANSI Standard or Tsangan plate. Each will be priced at $210.
    • li>Why the price increase? Two reasons - one, these units are in stock and ready to ship. Second, new tariffs have been put into law in the US < which impact the price of the keyboard.
    • Orders will start shipping on August 19th
August 10, 2019 — Andrew Kannan