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Keyboards are sold out, however addons are available HERE!

There will be a limit of one Iron160 Keyboard per order. Any addons can be added to your order post initial checkout. A form will be emailed to you after buying an Iron160 keyboard where you select layout, PCB, plate layout, and blockers/top.


Kitting Information

Each Iron160 Keyboard will come pre kitted with the following items:

  • Aluminum plate
    • WKL and HHKB layout boards will be forced to choose Tsangan plate.
    • WK layout boards can buy ANSI or Tsangan plates if solder PCB is chosen as the kitted PCB. If a hotswap PCB is chosen as the kitted PCB then a Tsangan plate will be forced.
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST cable
    • Choice of Hotswap or Solder
  • Gaskets and all mounting hardware
  • Custom screws for flush-mount look
  • New custom carrying hard case w/CNC foam inserts

    Smith + Rune is back to bring you the Iron160 keyboard! This 60% keyboard carries the IRON design, with some noticeable improvements, as well as a Full Copper Bottom option! 

    The keyboard has all of the following features:

    • Choice of WK, WKL, or MX HHKB top
    • 7 Degree Typing Angle
    • Full Gasket Isolation Mount
    • Bottom Accent Plate w/ exposed rune logo
    • Low-Profile Front Height (less than 17.25mm)
    • Seamless Case Design
    • QMK/VIA compatible PCB, designed in collaboration with Gondolindrim
    • Unified C3 USB-C daughterboard (centered on case)


      • Black Anodized Aluminum Bottom
        • Black
        • Plum
        • Rosewater
      • Full Copper Bottom (Replaces the black aluminum bottom)
        • Black
        • Plum
        • Rosewater

      Note: Copper bottom will be listed as an addon, not as a variation of the Iron160 in our checkout.


      Pricing for addons can be viewed by using the color/addon drop down menu while Blocker is set to WK, and Style is set to Black Anodized Aluminum Bottom

      Addon Item Price
      Copper Bottom Upgrade $220
      Hotswap PCB $60
      Extra Solderable PCB $60
      Copper Plate $50
      Forged Carbon Plate $50
      FR4 Plate $30
      Polypropylene Plate $40
      Polycarbonate Plate $40
      Extra Aluminum Plate $40
      Brushed Brass Accent Weight $60
      Brushed Copper Accent Weight $65
      Brushed Stainless Steel Accent Weight $90
      Salvun Copper Artisan Keycap $60
      Smith + Rune Artisan Keycaps $38
      Extra Gasket Set $8



      CannonKeys is offering two plate layout options, semi-fixed. All plates support split backspace and stepped caps. We are not offering ISO plates.

      Standard Plate

      Iron160 Standard Plate Layout

      Tsangan Plate

      Iron160 Tsangan Plate Layout

      Solderable PCB Support

      Hotswap PCB Support

      Iron160 Hotswap PCB Support

      Group Buy Close: Thursday May 5th, 11:59PM ET

      Estimated Date of Delivery: Q2 2023

      NOTE: This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur. Upon purchase, you will be charged immediately. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.  For more information, check out our FAQ

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