MM Switch Top Housings


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MM Switch Top Housings

The MM Switch Series is a series of custom linear switch parts manufactured by JWK available in several materials and colors! There are 36 different combinations of colors/materials to be tried, allowing for extreme customization!

Available in packs of 35.

• Switch Type - Linear
•  Manufacturer - JWK

Top Housing Material
• Pink - Modified POM
• Purple - UHMWPE
• Blue - Modified Nylon

Buy any combination of 6 tops/bottoms/stems and get 50% off a pack of WS Springs with code MMSPRING!

Complete Your Switch!

MM Switch Bottoms

MM Switch Bottoms available in Pink (Modified POM), Purple (UHMWPE), and Blue (Modified Nylon).

WS Springs

WS Springs available in 63.5g single stage, 100g single stage, 63.5g double stage,53g triple stage, and 63.5g triple stage.

MM Switch Stems

MM Switch Stems available in Pink (Modified POM), Yellow (UPE), Green (LY), and Orange (P3).

Looking to Mod?

Krytox 205g0 Lube

Switch Films

Customer Reviews

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Blue nylon top

I got the blue top with other parts, it feels like nylon and the switches I made using them don't need any filming.