WS Switch Springs


Spring Weight

Stainless Steel Single and Three-Stage Switch Springs By Wuque Studio

We are happy to offer these longer and classic length switch springs from Wuque Studio in several different spring weights. If you're looking for a higher starting weight, with a rapid rate of increase throughout the key-press, these are for you!


  • Stainless steel
  • CL635/CL1000: Single-stage, TL635/TL53: Three-stage, DL635: Double Stage
  • Multiple weights and lengths
    • CL635: 63.5g classic length
    • CL1000: 100g classic length
    • TL635: 63.5g  triple stage
    • TL53: 53g triple stage
    • DL635: 63.5g double stage (NEW)
  • Packs of 110

Customer Reviews

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Oleksandr Dyachenko

WS Switch Springs


very snappy good for tactiles

TL53 springs are fantastic

I got the TL53 springs for my MM switches and instantly fell in love. They are 22mm long and have a tri-stage design which makes them very snappy for a quick to return. About 10% of the springs in my order had a little bit of crunch, but even then it was easy to ignore. I highly recommend trying these springs for either the MM switches or for a spring swap project!


Got the TL635 springs, they had ping and crunch stock which is mostly removed with lubing. They feel pretty nice and responsive.


Longer springs are prone to spring crunching, especially when they are double-staged, and even more-so when they are triple-staged. I've purchased TL635 springs in the past and had around 10% crunchy springs. I've purchased TL53 springs this time around and the springs were carelessly crammed into a small plastic box, many springs had to be carefully untangled as to not bend them, but it was too late and the springs were already bent as a result of the packaging. Nearly half of my springs ended up crunchy, so it was a good thing I ordered two boxes for my 70 switches. The springs that are fine however, do feel nice and have a snappy return, but I can't rate this anything more than a 3 due to inconsistencies.