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Introducing the MKC65

The MKC65 by Mykeyclub is brought to you by the same creator of JRIS series keyboards.

Starting at only $109, this 65% aluminum keyboard offers tons of features and customization options.

MKC65 supports wired and wireless Tri-mode PCB, multiple mounting solutions, rotary knobs, and LED light signs.



  • 65% keyboard
  • Plate gasket, PCB gasket, or top mount support
    • Plate gasket and top mount require a plate
  • 6.5° angle
  • 9mm front height
  • Wired PCB supports QMK/VIA
  • Tri-mode supports MKC custom software
  • Weight
    • Unbuilt
      • Alu weight - 1kg
      • PVD weight - 1.23kg
    • Built
      • Alu weight - 1.22kg
      • PVD weight - 1.45kg

In the Box

  • CNC aluminum top and bottom case
  • Weight of your choice
  • Internal aluminum weight
  • PCB of your choice
  • Plate of your choice (None included if you choose plateless)
  • Daughterboard with JST cable
  • Plate and PCB silicone mounting columns/socks
  • Stabilizer PCB o-rings
  • Screws and spacers for top mounting
  • Feet
  • Poron strips
  • 5mm hex key

The following are included as bonus gifts. Support will not be offered for these.

  • MKC stabilizer set
  • Type-C cable
  • Extra screws
  • 1000mha battery x 2 if Tri-Mode is purchased
  • Silicone pad for battery compartment

Wired Hotswap flex-cut, Wired Hotswap no flex-cut, and Wired Solder Layout Support

mkc65 pcb layout

Wired RGB and Tri-Mode Hotswap Layout Support

For the full Quality Disclaimer, please see the MKC website

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This item is estimated to ship to us in May, and arrive later in June 2024.

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