Designed by Smith + Rune


Saturday, February 25th

Magnus175 Designed by Smith + Rune

The design team at Smith + Rune are back with a brand new keyboard, marking the start of the Iron Series successor.

Coming Saturday, February 25th

Photos by @migbrgd

From the Designers

"Smith + Rune basically started as an accident, born out of frustration and with a simple goal of making 5-10 boards for ourselves and friends. What followed after designing the IRON series was completely unexpected! We never in a million years thought of starting a keyboard company, just a solid, simple keyboard and nothing more. With our original goal more than achieved, the question then became where to go from there.

The natural path meant more layouts in the IRON series but we always knew that someday we’d have to release another series. This is probably the scariest moment for a new company. It is both inevitable and risky. How do you essentially start from scratch without relying on the success of your debut creation? Or worse than starting from scratch, how do you engineer something that will 100% be compared to your first design? After many failed ideas and countless other designs we’re finally ready to reveal our latest keyboard, the MAGNUS175, an idea worthy of our name."


• 8° typing angle
• Screwless, floating design (no visible screws)
• Top-mount Dampened leaf spring system
• FEA-optimized plate for consistency on every press
• Cork dampeners (with other options being tested and considered)
• Low-profile front height
• QMK/VIA PCB by Gondo (solderable and hotswap)
• Unified USB-C daughterboard and JST cable
• All aluminum construction w/anodized top and bottom
• Matching badge and mid accent piece available in various colors and materials
• Custom feet (bumpon compatible)

Colors and Accents

Colors and accents are TBD- above are some potential examples. Let the designers know your thoughts on the prototype color combinations in their discord server.

Planned Addons and Customizations

Maintaining the same mindset seen with the Iron Series, this new keyboard will offer several addons in order to offer a truly custom experience. These addons include but are not limited to:

• Midpiece accents in different materials and colors
• Badges in different materials and colors
• Hotswap and solderable PCB
• Several plate materials

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