Ginkgo65 Keyboard


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Ginkgo65 - a two-tone isolation gasket keyboard on a budget.

We are pleased to be working with Wuque Studio and MOne to bring you the Ginkgo65! 

Simple elegance was the central theme behind Gingko65. The M•ONE team kept the exterior features subtle yet interesting. A lot of effort was put into the internal structure design to make sure it offers a very pleasant typing experience and sound. Instead of experimenting with a novel idea, the team focused on making sure the tried and tested elements of a great isolation gasket mount board were implemented to perfection.

From the flex cuts on the PCB, the leaf spring tabs on the plate to the optional PE foam that's been popular of late, they’ve worked tirelessly on this keyboard for the past six months to bring you a bouncy typing experience that does not sound hollow. After many prototypes and adjustments, the design is finally complete and they are ready to show the keyboard to the world. We hope you’ll see their attention to details and craftsmanship in the final product.


Addons include PCBs, plates, and foam.

Limit one Ginkgo65 keyboard per order. All sales are final.


  • Aluminum 2-toned case (with exception of all e-white variant)
  • Anodized or E-coated 6063 Grade Aluminum
  • 7° typing angle
  • Isolated Gasket Mount with PORON pads
  • 1.3kg or 2.87lbs unbuilt
  • Hotswap PCB with daughterboard


  • E-White top x E-White bottom
  • E-White top x Copper Alu bottom
  • Black top x Copper Alu bottom
  • Green top x Black bottom
  • Silver top x grey bottom

What's included:

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case
  • Polycarbonate Plate
  • Hotswap PCB with Daughterboard
  • PORON gaskets
  • PORON dampener between Plate & PCB
  • PE foam between Plate & PCB
  • Case foam between PCB & Bottom Case
  • Washers
  • Screws & rubber feet

Hotswap PCB Layout

hotswap layout