[GB] Sagittarius Keyboard


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The Sagittarius Keyboard

"Each soul a single universe
Each mind bears the wages of their sins
Each person carries the blessing of existence"


CannonKeys is excited to bring you the Sagittarius Keyboard! The layout was designed by Gondolindrim and his friend Tom, and optimized using doctorate level research to address some ergonomic concerns. The case was designed by CannonKeys! For more information on the specifics on the ergonomic optimization, be sure to check out this Interest Check thread.


  • Ergonomically Optimized Layout
  • Sandblasted Brass Plate
  • Gasket mount
  • 5.67 degree typing angle
  • Brass Weight w/ Sagittarius Engraving
  • Centered USB Port utilizing daughter board
  • QMK and VIA Enabled PCB, and C3 Unified Daughterboard
  • 2.7kg grams fully built with GMK Keycaps
  • RGB LEDs in Sagittarius Constellation, Nanopores on case to reveal LEDs
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Rotary Encoder Support

Each Sagittarius Keyboard will come with the following:

  • 1x 6063 aluminum board top
  • 1x 6063 aluminum board bottom
  • 1x Brass weight
  • 1x Brass plate
  • PCB, JST cable, USB daughterboard
  • Mounting Hardware (screws, poron gasket strips and bumpons)
  • Microfiber cloth and padded zip case with foam


  • Black Top / Red Bottom
  • Navy Top / Silver Bottom
  • Grey Top / Lilac Bottom
  • E-White Top / Gold Bottom

Note: The colors shown here are renders. Production colors will be close, but not an exact match to the shown colors.

Layout (PCB Support - plate has no ISO Enter or stepped caps lock support):

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    Customer Reviews

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    Best Board

    Do you like comfortable posture? Then this is the board for you. Plus it has a **** macro row to set for things like Mute and Vol+\-

    Honestly wonder why this board didn’t get more buzz while other similar boards have blown up. Strange times we live in.

    Now if I can just figure how to trick CK into sending me that red Proto…