[GB] Clackeys Satisfaction 75 Diver Knob

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These are all renders and will vary slightly from the physical product. Finish will be smoother on production units.

We're excited to offer the Diver Knob, designed and produced by Clackeys. This nautical themed knob features intricate details, and is offered in three premium finishes. While this artisan knob was designed to be a perfect match for the Satisfaction 75, it can be also be used with the Balance keyboard, and shares compatibility with similar encoders.

Knob Specs:

  • Designed by Clackeys
  • Standard Satisfaction 75 encoder, no screws needed (ALPS Electric EC11E18244A5)
  • Materials/Casting method: Solid brass/Lost wax casting
  • Knob weight: 1oz

Available in the following versions:

  • Brass: Brass with PU coating & polish
  • Rose Gold: Brass with rose gold plating & polish
  • Chrome: Brass with rhodium plating & polish 

    The set will run from February 2nd 11AM EDT to February 16th 11:59PM ET.

    Estimated Date of Delivery: June 2022

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