CannonCaps 407



CannonCaps 407

Designed by OneCreativeMind, this set consists of Cherry Profile, Dye-sublimated PBT keycaps.

Taking inspiration from vintage Symbolics keyboards, CannonCaps 407 features black on cool gray alphas, red sublegends, and several novelty keycaps for a retro aesthetic. The kit even includes split spacebars, a second 'B' for all the Alice-style keyboards, and some extra 40's support!

Keycap Specs

• Manufacturer - CannonCaps
• Keycap Material - Dye-sublimated PBT
• Sublegends - Cadet
• Keycap Thickness - 1.4mm
• Keycap Profile - Cherry

Looking for more information on the dyesub keycap process? Click here!

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Quality Disclaimer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Nice quality and neat packaging

Excellent set

I have these on my daily work board and it's been better than expected. It's a very well-designed and versatile set and the cannoncaps quality is very good.

All-around great package

These keycaps are one of my favorite sets - they look and sound great, and the kitting allows for compatibility with a lot of different boards. My only gripe with the look is that the only option for the caps-lock key is "Rubout," and I would have loved a Control key to have been provided for other layouts. And it's hard to find a 1:1 match for the subtle off-white coloration of these keycaps, so I'm likely stuck getting a red key with white text if I really want to make the change.

Besides that, I found that on some switches (specifically, I was using Dangkeebs' Blue Velvet linears), these keycaps were a bit loose. When reaching out to Cannonkeys, they specified that these caps are only spec'd for OEM Cherry switches, and not other MX-style clone switches. I'm not mad, it happens, but I thought mentioning this in a review might help some other people be aware of this before ordering. I currently have them on a set of MX Blacks and they fit great.