Bastion 65% PCB



Bastion 65% PCB

The Bastion PCB Series by CannonKeys is a series of in-house designed PCBs that are available to help standardize compatibility and be continuously available as replacements. Looking to use one of our Bastion PCBs in keyboard design? Check out our collaborator portal for more information.

The Bastion 65% PCB is available in Solder only for now. It uses a Molex Pico-EZmate Connector that is compatible with our C4 and S1 daughterboards, an RP2040 MCU, and offers an onboard reset and bootloader button.


• Layout - 65%
• Connector - Pico-EZmate Molex Female
• Firmware Support - QMK and VIA
• MCU - RP2040
• Solder or Hotswap - Solder
• Compatible Daughterboard - C4 and S1 Unified
• Indicator Support - Solder supports single color caps lock and scroll lock led.

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Bastion 65% PCB Features


Onboard RP2040 makes flashing a breeze!

Pico-EZmate Molex

The Pico-EZmate molex connector makes connecting to a daughterboard exceptionally easy!

Reset Buttons

Getting into flashing mode and resetting your PCB at the hardware level.


Our Bastion PCB Series is a selection of standardized PCBs that can be easily designed around. If you are looking to use one of our many PCBs in your keyboard design, check out our collaborator portal for more details and relevant files.


Our Bastion Series is compatible with the S1 and C4 Unified Daughterboards. All of our Bastion Series PCBs are compatible with QMK and VIA.

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