CannonKeys now offers over 89 in-stock keycaps, with 35 being NicePBT, 16 CannonCaps, 21 GMK, 4 KAT, and 10 Wuque, with 26 more NicePBT sets launching in the next few months!

Our NicePBT & CannonCaps mission is to deliver an excellent product in its own right. While we’ve been working hard at bringing more sets in stock, we’ve continued to iterate and improve by using community feedback and data. But we’re still not done improving! Feedback from our customers helps us create a better experience for everyone. We continue to listen, and we hope you continue to share! Today, we’re happy to announce a few new NicePBT improvements.


Reverse dye-sublimation uses high heat to permeate solid dye below the plastic keycap's surface, making it durable and wear-resistant. As the solid dye is stretched and heated along the sides of the keycap, heat is applied unevenly on the keycap, which causes the fading of the dye down the sides of the keycap. 

NicePBT BRG Round 1 (left) and Round 2 (right).

We have worked tirelessly along our NicePBT factory to reduce the fading of the dye on the keycaps. You might have observed these improvements on NicePBT Galaxy R2, Sailor R2, and Elderberry R2; and we hope to carry on this improvement to all our future reverse dye-sub keycaps.


With our factory’s help, we developed a much-improved packaging experience. Our new packaging is more compact, helping you save space on your shelves and helping the earth by reducing our plastic and paper waste by (at least) 25%.

 Old packaging (left) vs new packaging (right).

Our new trays also make it easier to remove and replace keycaps from the trays without constricting your fingers.

Custom-fit trays that make for a more pleasant experience when using your keycaps.

No more scrambled and upside-down keycaps, our trays are custom-designed around our new and improved kitting. Give it a shake and put it to the test!

Recessed Stems

We have lowered our stems so your keycaps can sit more flush on your keyboard! These recessed stems are similar to GMK keycaps and help hide the bottom of your keycaps when used on keyboards with shorter top walls. We chose to recess our stems so your keyboard build can look cleaner and yield a more comfortable typing experience.

Picture showing how a keycap with a recessed stem (beige) sits lower on a keyboard than the other keycaps without a recessed stem.

We worked with our factory for the last year to develop, test, and iterate on new molds for our NicePBT keycaps. Initially, only our newly restocked classic beige colorways will have a recessed stem. Let us know if you would like us to use this new mold on more of our upcoming NicePBT keycaps!

Recessed stem (left) and non-recessed stem (right).


Last but not least, we have (yet again!) improved our kitting! We have added many keys and have kept our pricing just as accessible as before. 

Our new scooped keys (left), windowed keys and 6u spacebar (right).

You will find that many of our NicePBT keycap sets now include scooped ‘5’, ‘F’, and ‘J’ keys, as well as a 6u-centered spacebar. A few of our upcoming sets will even include windowed keys on ‘CapsLock’ and ‘NumLock’.

What other changes would you like to see? Let us know on discord or via our ‘Contact Us’ widget on our website!

April 04, 2024 — Ana Oliveira