International Shipping at CannonKeys

Lower prices. VAT included. Taxes and fees collected at checkout.

Shipping is complicated, but we’re working to make the process less of a hassle for those who are outside of the USA.

Something we’ve consistently heard from our international customers is how expensive our shipping is - and we’ve been working on solutions behind the scenes.

A little over a month ago we launched a new shipping system that allows us to both drastically lower shipping costs, and even collect import fees and VAT (if applicable) for the UK, Canada, and most countries in the EU. No more paying twice for your order. We’ll take care of the payments on your behalf.

We've been waiting a while to make this announcement in order to work with our shipping partners and ensure that the overall purchasing experience from CannonKeys is better than it was - and we strongly believe it is. That being said, while our new shipping methods do provide an overall better experience, they are slower than before - and we still want your feedback.

We could have stopped there, but we know our customers in Australia and Asia also deserve a better experience. So we worked to create one.

We’ve been slowly stockpiling some of our most popular products in a Hong Kong based warehouse. Items stocked here can be shipped via several different inexpensive options to surrounding regions. We are working on a solution that will show you if an item is currently stocked in this secondary location, but we’re already shipping out orders using these methods..

If you’re outside of the USA and have a poor or fantastic experience with these new methods, we’d sincerely appreciate any and all feedback submitted to our Customer Support team. We’re happy with the progress we’ve made here, but are eager to continue pressing for the best possible solution for everyone.

This has been a lengthy and difficult process, but we are exceptionally excited to finally announce this.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jack Vachon