Since its launch in 2019, none of the Brutalist V1 keyboards have had hotswap as a standard option with the kit.

Starting today, most Brutalist V1s bought from our website are retrofitted to accept a hotswap PCB! We tapped two holes and converted some of our Brutalist V1s to work with hotswap PCBs that use a custom daughterboard.

Brutal V1 hotswap installed

To start, this option will only be available for Savage65, Obliterated75, and DevastatingTKL- however we'll be adding the Rekt1800 to this list in the coming weeks! We’re excited about being able to introduce the Brutalist V1 to a new generation of hobbyists, and will be launching the following promotions to celebrate.

For only 16 hours, we’re slashing the prices on the following keyboards as an introductory offer:

  • Savage65 ($129),
  • Obliterated75 ($144)
  • DevastatingTKL ($129)

In addition to these price drops, for no extra cost you can upgrade to hotswap and make your keyboard a full build.

This full build includes:

  • Cherry clip-in stabs
  • Mystery keycaps
  • Mystery switches

Shop the entire Brutalist V1 collection here.

Alongside this hotswap launch, we are also announcing the start of text engraving on all of our Brutalist V1 keyboards. We're only just starting this as a trial basis, so please expect up to 5 business days to complete your request. Please fill out this form after purchasing your Brutalist V1 keyboard.

Since we're only doing text engravings on a very limited and trial basis, there's a chance we might not be able to fulfill your engraving requests. If this is the case, we'll reach out to the email attached to your order. We appreciate your understanding.


Q: What is included in the hotswap upgrade kit?
A: A custom daughterboard designed for Brutalist V1, a cable to connect the daughterboard to the PCB, 2x M2x4 screws, and a hotswap PCB.

Q: Can I use a unified daughterboard instead?
A: No, the unified daughterboard series is not compatible with this.

Q: Can I buy a hotswap upgrade kit without buying a keyboard?
A: In order to accept the custom daughterboard, Brutalist V1 keyboards have to be physically modified. Because of this, we will not be offering the hotswap upgrade kit to be purchasable on its own.

Q: Do you offer engraving for already purchased keyboards?
A: At this time, we are only offering engraving on Brutalist V1 keyboards that have not yet been shipped from our facility. If you bought yours previously, engraving is unfortunately not something we can offer.

Q: What keyboards are you offering text engraving on?
A: Just Brutalist V1 for now.

Q: What can we get engraved?
A: Just text, please see the form for more details.

December 01, 2023 — Jack Vachon