Sat75 X Update

Late last year we soft-announced an injection molded version of our Satisfaction75 keyboard - the Sat75 X. It’s been really encouraging to see everyone’s excitement about the Sat75 X - we’re excited too! But sadly, since the initial post, we haven’t had much to share. That is - until Today! Today, we finally have an update!

Current Status

Since our initial announcement, we’ve been working with our manufacturing partners to achieve the fit and finish that we want (and that you deserve) for Sat75 X. While we had a great quality sample of the purple color - it took longer than we had hoped to dial in the finish on the blue, white, and black cases. This is one of our first injection molded boards, and we underestimated the time it could take to develop new colors once we had one approved.

But after several rounds and iterations - all colors are finally approved! All the images you see in this blog post are real photos of our approved samples.

We’ll be offering a Sat75 X in these colors:

  • Deep Ocean Blue (Opaque Navy)
  • Cloud White (Opaque White)
  • Stratus Grey (Semi-translucent Black)
  • Octo Purple (Semi-translucent Purple)

We hope that we can offer more colors in the future, but for the initial round of Sat75x - these will be the only available options. If you have ideas for future rounds, please let us know in the form that’s linked here and at the bottom of the page.

In the box

The SAT75X is still in development. This list may change between now and the preorder.

  • Top and bottom case
  • Knob in chosen case color
  • Top and bottom gasket shims
  • Clear PC plate
  • Hotswap or solder PCB
  • OLED screen
  • Encoder
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Silicone feet
  • Switch / keycap puller
  • Cherry clip-in stabilizers
  • Screws and hardware
  • Braided straight USB-C cable 
  • Carrying case
  • Authenticity card

Available Addons

The SAT75X is still in development. This list may change between now and the preorder.

  • Silicone plate + case foam
  • Poron plate + case foam
  • Extra plastic knobs
  • Aluminum knobs
  • Brass knobs
  • FR4 plates
  • Alu plates
  • PC plates
  • Solder PCBs
  • Hotswap PCBs
  • Silicone feet
  • Extra gasket shims
  • Encoders
  • OLED screens
  • Keyboard sleeves
  • and more!

Have a suggestion? Fill out our Interest Check!

Next Steps

Now that our case fit and finish are finally approved (we currently have one of each color), our manufacturer is moving onto making more production samples. We’ll be testing each of these sample units to ensure consistency and will be sending those units out to content creators if they meet our quality bar. The next time you hear from us regarding the Sat75 X, we hope that it’ll be an announcement of content creator streams and videos! But if the samples aren’t quite up to par - we’ll be sure to let you know about that as well.

Timeline and Sale Details

While we’re confident that our manufacturing partner will produce some great production samples - it’s still a step we have to go through, and we can’t quite set a date for the sale yet. We hope that they can be turned around in the next month or so.

If all goes swimmingly well, and we encounter no further setbacks, optimistically, we should be able to sell Sat75 X as early as Late July 2024. But realistically, it might land later than that. Either way - we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop.

Although we don’t have a sale date yet, we do know that it will be a pre-order with a quick turnaround, starting at only $111.

Until next time...

That's all the updates we have for now regarding the Sat75 X!

While we're working on final details, we would love to hear from you! We have put together an IC form to gauge interest in what addons, colors, and more you want to see available. We're also planning on doing a plate GB for the original Satisfaction75 in the near future- so keep an eye out for that. As always, our discord is open for conversations and questions about the Sat75 X. We can't wait to hear from you all!

Prototype Photo

Stratus Grey, Octo Purple, Deep Ocean Blue, Cloud White

Prototype Photo

Stratus Grey

Prototype Photo

Deep Ocean Blue

Prototype Photo

Cloud White

Prototype Photo

Octo Purple

Still Want More Sat75 X?

We've got some more details on the Sat75 X, and some differences between the Sat75 X and the original Satisfaction75 below. You can also check out our newly updated Sat75 X listing.

Also- in case you didn't catch it, all images in this post are photos of our prototypes!

What's the difference between the original Satisfaction75 and Sat75 X

While the design language of the original Satisfaction75 and the new Sat75 X are very similar, there are a few changes that were made to bring the Satisfaction75 into the modern era of keyboards.


The Sat75 X uses a gasket sandwich mount that can be customized to suit your preference via removeable shims.


The Sat75 X uses a hotswap PCB that is backwards compatible with the original Satisfaction75. The OLED is now hotswapable, and encoder is pre-soldered.


Sat75 X will be made from injection molded polycarbonate.

Sat75 X
(Early 2024)
Round 2 (2020)
Round 1 (2019)
MSRP From $111 From $475 From $400
Case material Polycarbonate Aluminum Aluminum
Manufacturing Injected CNC CNC
External weight None Brass
(Engraved, Friends & Family)
(Engraved, Blank)
Mounting style Gasket Top/Burger Top/Burger
Default knob Domed knurl
(PC, case color)
(aluminum, gold)
(brass, gold)
Various knobs Domed knurl
Clackeys Diver
PCB Hotswap
(new designs)
(updated design)
(original design)
Weight (unbuilt) <1.0kg 1.7kg 1.7kg
Dimensions 331mm (width)
140mm (height)
38mm (depth)
327mm (width)
136mm (height)
40mm (depth)
327mm (width)
136mm (height)
40mm (depth)
Typing angle 6° typing angle 6° typing angle 6° typing angle
Plate materials Polycarbonate
(more TBD)
Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber
Dampeners Poron plate foam None None
Carrying Case Custom hard case
(embossed, molder insert)
Custom hard case
(embossed, cut foam)
Neoprene sleeve
Case colors Cloud White
Deep Ocean Blue
Stratus Grey
Octo Purple
Cloud White
Deep Ocean Blue
Pirate Black
Mermaid Purple
Seaweed Green
Seafoam Green (F&F)
Cloud White
Deep Ocean Blue
Pirate Black
Stormy Grey

Why Injection Molded Polycarbonate?

By using injection molded PC, we will be able to offer this premium sounding and feeling version of the Satisfaction75 for under a quarter of the original's price. We will also be able to offer more colors, a quicker turn around, and a more travel friendly board. We don't currently have plans for a CNC aluminum version of this revised version.

The Firmware

The firmware for Sat75 X is largely unchanged from the original Satisfaction75. The same features you know and love are still there, and we've added a friend for you to type alongside!

And as always, Sat75 X will be fully compatible with QMK and VIA.

Complete Sat75 X Firmware/OLED Features


  • Native QMK and VIA Support


The Sat75 X OLED has four screens/modes to choose from.


  • Real time clock
  • WPM counter
  • Animated friend

Control Center

  • Current layer
  • Encoder mode
  • Caps/Scroll lock indicators
  • Shift, Control, Alt, and GUI key indicators
  • Keypress matrix
  • Real time clock

Time & Date

  • Current date
  • Real time clock
  • Encoder mode
  • Current layer
  • Caps lock indicator


  • Turns off the OLED
  • This mode is also automatically enabled after aprx 60 seconds of inactivity

The Knob

  • Volume Mode: Vol Up, Vol Down, Mute
  • Media: Prev Track, Next Track, Play/Pause
  • Scroll: Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Auto Scroll
  • Brightness: Screen Brightness Up, Screen brightness Down
  • Backlight (Requires soldering LEDs): Backlight Brightness Up, Backlight brightness Down, Toggle Backlight
  • Custom: 3 custom profiles are available within VIA for you to create a custom keybind for left turn, right turn, and encoder press!

You've made it to the end (for real this time)

Being our first in house premium keyboard design, Satisfaction75 is incredibly important to us on a personal level. An immeasurable amount of time has been spent by our team ensuring the quality is beyond reproach, with a typing experience and user experience to match. Thank you for your continued support over the years, we would not be in a position to make these projects happen without it.

-The CannonKeys Team