Since CannonKeys’ founding in 2019, the website has looked largely the same. This morning, however, that changed.

We’ve grown our offerings quite a bit in the last few years, and now is the perfect time for us to refresh our site. We now have 21 keyboards, 31 keycap sets, 39 switches, and 30 deskmat designs in stock- and thanks to some great new features, they are all easily searchable.

Top Navigation

cannonkeys navigation

Our navigation has been redone in order to make looking for what you need even easier to find. You can browse full collections, or click into a pre-filtered collection to narrow your search even more!


The second major improvement we have made is filters! Each collection will be filterable to narrow what you're looking for as much as possible. Want a tactile switch with a nylon top and specific spring weight? Just check the boxes and the collection automatically filters for you. These filters should make browsing easier, and also aid in researching for your next build.

So…what’s next?

We aren’t done yet- not even close. Over the coming weeks we will be adding even more pages and features. All of these changes will be added to this blog post as they occur, so be sure to check in occasionally to see what’s new at CannonKeys.

July 28th, 2022
The Coming Soon section of the website has been added. A one-stop shop for everything coming soon to CannonKeys! Keep an eye out as we add even more items to the collection in the coming weeks.

August 1st, 2022

We’ve updated our group buy status page with a new look, feel, and name - Project Updates! With a new search feature to help comb through group buys quicker and a digestible format, we foresee this creating a much friendlier experience for your group buy status needs. 

Example project update card for Aella group buy

Example project update card for Aella group buy

Our status tracker is one of our bigger additions that provides you with a visual overview of how a group buy is coming along!

  • Ordered - Group buy sales period has ended and order has been placed with the manufacturer
  • Manufacturing - Units in production; this status encompasses all parts of production such as machining and anodization
  • En Route - Units are shipping to our facilities; once they’ve arrived, our fulfillment team will prepare them to ship out to GB participants
  • Shipping - Units have shipped from our facilities and are now on the way to GB participants
  • Complete - Units have been delivered to participants and we are awaiting extras information
July 25, 2022 — Jack Vachon