The Next Step Forward for Our Bakeneko Series

It’s been about 16 months since we first announced the launch of our Cast Aluminum Bakeneko60 keyboard. Since then, we’ve also introduced the Bakeneko65 and Bakeneko65 CNC - but we’re still not done!

We’ve been hard at work once again to continue to improve our products and provide more value for our customers. As of our last update, we had a few finishes we were using to finish our cast aluminum Bakenekos:

Smooth Powder Coating - Black and White Bakenekos used this method
Painting - Most colors other than Black and White used this method
Glossy Powder Coating - Our special “Grey” used this method of finishing

We’re happy to announce that we’re adding another type of coating to our cast Bakeneko finishing which we’re calling our Next-Gen Finish.


Through collaborations with our partners, we were able to find a new type of powder coating finish that provides the product with what we think is one of our best finishes yet! 

This new finish provides more of a matte, textured feel to the cast aluminum keyboards. We’re also able to add glitter to this finish to create a bit of pop to the keyboards as well. When we next restock the Bakeneko60 and Bakeneko65s, the following colors will be available:

Flash Grey (NG)
Dark Green (NG)
Lavender (NG)
Flash Black (NG)
Black (NG)
Pearl White (MC)
    next-gen bakeneko finishes
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    And while these colors won’t be available in the next round, we’re also working on some yet-to-be-named colors you don’t typically see on aluminum keyboards

    next-gen finish upcoming
    Upcoming colors...

    Finally - we’re also experimenting with multi-coat finishes, starting with our Pearl White (MC) finish. This has a pearlescent clear coat applied over a white finish, and we’re really excited to bring it to market! Similar to the glossy gray powder coat, this special finish will have a slight upcharge.

    next-gen pearl white

    But wait there’s more…

    Introducing NicePBT - Bakeneko Edition!
    nicepbt bow bakeneko edition
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    These keysets are kitted to specifically complete your Bakeneko60 or Bakeneko65 build, and are available in several accent options! While these keycaps are tailored to our Bakeneko Series, they also work with several other keyboards - such as the WK Brutal 60 and Savage 65 (just make sure to check the layout compatibility on the listing!).

    Each of these keycap sets is only $35 if you buy one on its own. However, if you bundle with any of our Bakenekos you will receive 15% off the keyset automatically!

    bakeneko timeline

    As always, we’re looking for your feedback. If you like the new Bakeneko oriented keycap sets or our new next-gen powder finish, let us know! Alternatively, if you loved one of our older colors or want to see more options for Bakeneko keycap sets, we would also love to hear your thoughts! We hope to continue to bring more interesting developments to our products, and your feedback will help define what’s next.
    August 16, 2022 — Andrew Kannan